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Brigandine: The Legend Of Forsena is a RPG\Strategy game for the PlayStation. The game was remade in HD for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.


In the game, the player chooses one of the nations of the fictional continent of Forsena, and has the goal of conquering the other nations by taking their castles, using troops composed by human commanders and fictional creatures. Although primarily a turn-based strategy game, the game includes some characteristics of tactical role playing games.


The game begins with a scene showing Zemeckis, commander of the army of the Kingdom of Almekia, receiving a visit from a rune knight called Cador, who wields the title of "Death Knight". Zemeckis is convinced that he is being falsely accused of treason, and decides to rebel against the King of Almekia, Henguist. Zemeckis' rebellion is joined by other rune knights, and they successfully take over the country of Almekia, renaming it Esgares Empire. King Hengust dies in the hands of Cador, and the son of the King, Prince Lance, flees to the nearby Kingdom of Padstow with the rune knights who stayed loyal to the deceased king. These events are the trigger for the war between the countries of Forsena.