Clubhouse Games cover

Clubhouse Games is a minigame complatation game for the Nintendo DS. The game holds 42 minigames which are all "Clubhouse" related.



Free Play Mode: In Free Play mode, the player may choose any of the 42 games available to play. Clubhouse Games divides its 42 games up into eight categories. These are the categories and the titles found in each.Edit

Mission Mode is a single-player mode that features 30 missions to accomplish. Some missions include beating the "Memory" card game under three minutes, bowling three strikes in a row, or getting 200 points in Darts. When the player successfully completes one mission, he unlocks another icon. When all 30 missions have been completed, the player unlocks the "Pop" set of music.


Many reviewers praised the game for its diverse selection, simple interface, tweakable rules, and easily accessible rules. The portable, pick-up-and-play mentality was also praised. Some of the more popular games in the collection included Solitaire and Mahjong Solitaire. Much of the game's criticism comes from the limitations on card games. Both GameSpot and GameSpy complained that Texas Hold Em allowed players to bet in negative chip totals and did not offer no-limit playing. Also noted was that the Blackjack options to "split" cards and buy insurance were not in this series.