Dead reefs
Dead Reefs is an adventure horror game developed by Streko Graphics and available on the PC.


a new death is reminiscent of the legend and casts fear on the island of Dead Reefs. A detective from the mainland, Amadeo Finvinerro, is sent to investigate the death and find the killer.

You are this detective. And you will need more than natural skills to shed the light on this terrific case.


The island of Dead Reefs is not based on some pre-existing island in real life. Streko-Graphics handled all the scripts

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and voice recordings, whereas the publisher recruited the voice actors of the roles. The game was written using the Virtools 3D platform. Evgeniy Lebed was the lead developer.

An early game trailer's scenes seem to imply that there were two versions made. The main character in the trailer shows a clean shaven man, whereas the game that came in the aniversity The Adventure Company package, shows him as having prominent facial hair and being slimmer of body or rather less muscular. Also the graphics or scenary somewhat contrast between both versions.