Edna Capone is a character in the Shadow Hearts series. She only appears in one game.
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Concept Art of Edna Capone


Edna Capone is sister of Al Capone who has recently been thrown in jail for tax evasion. She then begins to fall in love with Ricardo Gomez, a mariachi player who plays at the Four Duces. As our heroes come to Chicago, Edna introduces them to Ricardo after they here his lovely song. That night walking home from the Four Duces she is kidnapped by McManus's gangsters, and she is taken to him. He tells Edna that he wants her to be his girl. But she refuses since she is love with Ricardo. Enraged McManus pulls out his gun and demands that she loves him instead of Ricardo. But she refuses again and is shot dead. As they try in dispose of her body Lady and Killer happen to come by. Lady then gives Edna the gift of Malice which ressurects her. With her newfound powers she goes to Alcartaz to rescue her brother, but only bring chaos and destruction by summoning monsters by opening windows. Just as our heroes are about to make thier escape Edna was summoning a monster to kill the guards, which is Ronwei, after they fight Ronwei Edna suddenly disappears. She remakes her appearance in Las Vegas when she tells Killer she needs to save Ricardo, as our guitarist is trying to take his revenge for McManus for killing Edna. Just as our heroes are about to be killed by McManus, Edna creates a powerful blast that it creates a explosion that throws everyone to the floor. McManus horridfied seeing her still alive order his men to kill her. But shields herself from the blast and then kills them with a powerful blast of Malice. Ricardo rushes toward her making sure she is ok, and tells Ricardo to kill her. Edna then loses her self control, with the Malice taking over her. Mutating her into Malice Edna. After she is defeated she tells Ricardo she is happy to see him one last time before she dies.