Final Fantasy Record Keeper (Japanese: ファイナルファンタジーレコードキーパー Hepburn: Fainaru Fantajī Rekōdo Kīpā) is a free-to-play roleplaying game developed by DeNA and published by Square Enix for the iOS and Android platforms. The game features characters, scenarios and battles from the mainline Final Fantasy series. It was released in Japan on September 24, 2014 and worldwide on March 26, 2015.

Character GalleryEdit

This is a list of all currently-obtainable characters seen in the game. The game periodically expands upon this list, releasing characters through new levels launched every other week as well as special events.

Story SynopsesEdit

Final Fantasy IEdit

Chaos ShrineEdit

Difficulty: 15
Boss: Garland

"When darkness veils the world, four Warriors of Light shall come," spoke the prophecy. Their arrival in Cornelia began the story to begin all stories.

Western KeepEdit

Difficulty: 16
Boss: Astos

Entering Elfheim, the Warriors of Light learn that the dark elf king Astos has ensorcelled the prince of the elves in a magical slumber. The search for Astos begins.

Cavern of Earth IEdit

Difficulty: 34
Boss: Vampire

Word reaches the warriors that a vampire residing within the Cavern of Earth is responsible for the rot that plagues the land around Melmond. The warriors go to the cavern to investigate.

The Warriors of Light prevailed against the vampire that dwelled within the Cavern of Earth, but the rot upon the land remained. Hearing rumors of a sage named Sadda, the heroes sought an audience with the hermit who explained that the vampire was merely the servant of a being who dwelled further inside the Cavern of Earth and gave them the Earth Rod, opening their path to even greater danger...

Cavern of Earth IIEdit

Difficulty: 35
Boss: Lich

When the warriors brandish the Earth Rod, a stone slab at the back of the vampire's room splits, revealing a stairway. Steeling their resolve, the warriors press onward.

In the innermost reaches of the Cavern of Earth, the Warriors of Light encountered an ominous orb from which the lich who had been draining the life from the earth emerged. Through hard pressed, the warriors prevailed and with the lich's defeat, restored the light of the Earth Crystal.

Mount GulgEdit

Difficulty: 36
Boss: Marilith

The Circle of Sages at Crescent Lake tell the warriors of the crystals and of Chaos. The Warriors of Light make their way to Mount Gulg to face the fire within.

The Warriors of Light traveled to the foot of Mount Gulg by canoe. Entering the mountain, they passed through caverns flowing with magma, until the reached the final chamber. There they faced Marilith, Fiend of Fire, awoken two hundred years before her time by the destruction of the Fiend of Earth. Surviving Marilith's scorching sheets of flame, the warriors triumphed and restored the light of the Fire Crystal.

Cavern of IceEdit

Difficulty: 50
Boss: White Dragon

In Elfheim, the Warriors of Light learn of a buried Airship, and so proceed to the Cavern of Ice where the key to unearthing it--the Levistone--may be found.


Citadel of TrialsEdit

Difficulty: 52
Boss: Dragon Zombie

In the Dragon Caves, the party faces Bahamut, the Dragon King, who tells them they must bring proof of their courage from the Citadel of Trials.


Sunken ShrineEdit

Difficulty: 52
Boss: Kraken

Two hundred years ago, a shrine sank to the bottom of the sea. Now the mermaids who live there are in danger of extinction. Bearing the Oxyale to help them breathe, the Warriors of Light make for the Shrunken Shrine.


Flying FortressEdit

Difficulty: 54
Boss: Tiamat

Armed with the knowledge they obtained in Lufenia, the Warriors of Light make their way to the Mirage Tower. There, they use the Warp Cube to enter the Flying Fortress.

The Elemental Fiend of Wind, Tiamat, who stole this land from the Lufenians four hundred years earlier, was waiting for the warriors on the topmost level of the Flying Fortress. Beating back Tiamat's savage assault, the Warriors of Light prevailed and restored the light to the last of the four Crystals.

Chaos Shrine of Yore, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 62
Boss: Lich, Marilith

With the support of the Circle of Sages, the Warriors of Light travel to the Chaos Shrine and are transported 2000 years into the past...


Chaos Shrine of Yore, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 64
Boss: Kraken, Tiamat

The battle with the two elemental fiends behind them, the Warriors of Light continue their journey downward through the Chaos Shrine, but more foes lie in wait.


Final Fantasy IIEdit

Semitt Falls CavernEdit

Difficulty: 17
Boss: Sergeant

Firion loses his parents in a Palamecian attack on Fynn. Now Firion, his friend Guy, and his sister Maria seek to join the rebellion against the Empire.

Snow CavernEdit

Difficulty: 17
Boss: Adamantoise

Firion's next mission is to destroy the airship Dreadnought. To do that he will need the Goddess's Bell to enter Kashuan Keep. The team heads for the Snow Cavern where the bell is hidden.

Snow Cavern (Return)Edit

Difficulty: 18
Boss: Borghen

Josef and Firion's team succeed in obtaining the Goddess' Bell within the Snow Cavern, but someone waits for them on their way out...


Difficulty: 35
Boss: Captain

Firion has returned to Altair together with Gordon, when he learns that Hilda has been captured by the Dreadnought. It falls to Firion to pursue the ship and rescue the princess!

Firion's party crossed a desert and infiltrated the Dreadnought, freeing Hilda and Cid from their cell to escape on Cid's airship. Continuing further into the Dreadnought, the party cast the Sunfire into the engine when the Dark Knight appeared. Though the knight's voice was oddly familiar to Maria, there was little time to dwell on this mystery as explosions enveloped the Dreadnought.

Deist CavernEdit

Difficulty: 51
Boss: Chimera

The King of Fynn has ordered Firion to find the remnants of the Dragoons of Deist. Firion heads for Deist, fighting, then befriending, the pirate Leila along the way.


Difficulty: 51
Boss: Behemoth

Firion returns to Altair to discover Queen Hilda acting strangely. She is revealed to be the Lamia Queen in disguise, whom the party defeats before heading to the Palamecian Coliseum where the real Hilda is being held captive.

Castle FynnEdit

Difficulty: 48
Boss: Gottos

A rebellion coalesces around Queen Hilda and Prince Gordon, and while rebel forces are engaging the Empire elsewhere, Firion' team sneaks into Castle Fynn.

Tropical IslandEdit

Difficulty: 48
Boss: Big Horn

Firion's team will need one more item in order to gain entry to the Mysidian Tower. They head for the Tropical Island in search of the Black Mask.

On the Tropical Island Firion's team braved a vine-choked cavern. In the depths of the cavern they defeated the Big Horn, obtained the Black Mask, then set course for the Cave of Mysidia where the key to opening the tower could be found.

Cave of MysidiaEdit

Difficulty: 48
Boss: N/A

With the Black Mask and White Mask in hand, Firion's team makes their way into the Cave of Mysidia in search of the Crystal Rod.


Difficulty: 50
Boss: Roundworm

The party approaches the Mysidian Tower, bearing the Crystal Rod that will grant them access, when they are caught in a storm and swallowed by the great Leviathan.

Mysidian Tower, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 65
Boss: Fire Gigas

Firion's team has escaped from Leviathan and reached the Mysidian Tower. Now they venture inside...

Mysidian Tower, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 66
Boss: Ice Gigas

Having defeated the Fire Gigas, Firion's team continues up to the fourth floor of the Mysidian Tower.

On the fifth floor the party once again encountered a mage. This time, the mage transformed himself into an Ice Gigas and attacked. Braving his icy assault, tee party defeated the gigasand continued on to the next floor.

Mysidian Tower, Part 3Edit

Difficulty: 67
Boss: Thunder Gigas

Firion's team finally approaches the top of the Mysidian Tower and their prize: the Ultima Tome.

The CycloneEdit

Difficulty: 73
Boss: Emperor

By the time Firion's party returns to Castle Fynn, the Emperor's Cyclone has left a path of ruin in its wake. Mounting the last Wyvern of Deist, the party plunges into the whirling vortex.

Braving the Cyclone's savage winds, the wyvern carried Firion's party into the center of the storm where the Emperor was waiting. Defeating his guards and golem, the party brought the Emperor to his knees at last.

Castle PalameciaEdit

Difficulty: 74
Boss: Imperial Shadow

During the celebration of the Emperor's defeat, the party learns that the Dark Knight Leon has taken the throne. Firion and the others head for Palamecia Castle to confront him.

Riding Cid's airship, Firion's party had entered Palamecia Castle to confront Leon, when the late Emperor rose from the grave and revealed his plan to destroy the world. Ricard let the rest of the party escape on the wyvern as he charged the risen Dark Emperor, sealing his own fate along with that of the castle.

Jade PassageEdit

Difficulty: 76
Boss: King Behemoth

Leon joins the resistance, vowing to defeat the Dark Emperor. The party enters the Jade Passage into Pandaemonium.

Firion's party entered the Jade Passage and fought their way into Pandaemonium in the ruins of Palamecia Castle. They bore the Dragoon's sacred sword Excalibur, a gift from Elina to aid them in defeating the Emperor.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Altar CaveEdit

Difficulty: 35
Boss: Great Tortoise

A young adventurer has wandered deep into the Altar Cave opened in the great earthquake. The epic journey of the Warriors of Light begins here...

Having survived goblin attacks and battled with the Great Tortoise, the Luneth finally made his way to the altar of the Wind Crystal. The crystal enveloped him in light, and in an instant, he understood what must be done. And so the newly anointed Warrior of Light set out to drive back the darkness and restore light to the world.

Castle SasuneEdit

Difficulty: 36
Boss: Griffon

The people of Kazus have been transformed into ghostly apparitions by the Djinn, a being of fire and darkness. Now the Warriors of Light travel to Castle Sasune in search of a mythril ring to banish the Djinn and seal him away.

The Djinn's curse extended beyond Kazus into the walls of Castle Sasune itself. King Sasune informed the Warriors of Light that Djinn made his fastness in the Sealed Cave, but defeating him would not be simple: the king's daughter, Princess Sara, held the mythril ring they needed to banish the Djinn, and she was nowhere to be found. Fearing she may have been kidnapped by the Djinn, the Warriors of Light hurried to the Sealed Cave to rescue her.

Sealed CaveEdit

Difficulty: 36
Boss: Djinn

Princess Sara had not been kidnapped: she set out for the Sealed Cave on her own to banish the Djinn with the mythril ring. The Warriors of Light join her as she attempts to put an end to the Djinn's curse.

At the height of the pitched battle with the Djinn, Sara held the mythril ring aloft and he vanished in a whirl of mist--the power of the ring had sealed him away in the cave once more. After their return to Castle Sasune, the Warriors of Light placed the ring in the waters of a sacred spring, and the Djinn's curse on the people was broken. In thanks, King Sasune gave the Warrios a magic canoe, and they set out once more.

Nepto TempleEdit

Difficulty: 37
Boss: Giant Rat

The once peaceful town of Vikings' Cove has faced numerous attacks by the Nepto Dragon, which has grown violent of late. A pall lies over the village, and the Warriors of Light venture to the Nepto Temple to seek out answers.

After searching the Nepto Temple, the Warriors of Light discovered that the statue of the Nepto Dragon was missing one of its eyes, a glimmering jewel. The Warriors shrank themselves to enter a passage in the statue's mouth, and soon found the Giant Rat responsible for the jewel's theft. They defeated the rat and replaced the jewel in the statue, thereby calming the Nepto Dragon who entrusted them with the Fang of Water before returning to its slumber.

Tower of OwenEdit

Difficulty: 45
Boss: Medusa

From the Gulgan's prophecy, the Warriors of Light have learned of the Tower of Owen, and now Desch is slowly regaining his memory, aiding their passage through the tower.

Subterranean LakeEdit

Difficulty: 45
Boss: Gutsco

The party arrives in the Dwarven Hollows to find the dwarves in a furor over the theft of one of their precious Horns of Ice. At the dwarves' request, the party heads for the subterranean lake to retrieve the horn.

Molten CaveEdit

Difficulty: 46
Boss: Salamander

The Warriors of Light make for the Molten Cave to settle the score with Gutsco, the thief who stole the dwarves' Horns of Ice.

Hein's CastleEdit

Difficulty: 48
Boss: Hein

The Warriors of Light are taken captive in Tokkul and thrown in the dungeons of Castle Hein. Now they must free themselves and put an end to Hein's evil schemes.

Cave of TidesEdit

Difficulty: 46
Boss: Krakan

The power of the Water Crystal has been lost, covering the Surface World in a dark flood. The party makes for the Cave of Tides to restore the crystal's light.

Goldor ManorEdit

Difficulty: 47
Boss: Goldor

As the waters recede following the death of the Kraken, the party is caught in the collapsing Cave of Tides. They wake in the In at Amur, miraculously alive, yet find their airship Enterprise in chains.

Dragon SpireEdit

Difficulty: 71
Boss: Sorcerers x4

Caught in the Saronian Civil War, the Enterprise is shot down, grounding the Warriors of Light. Stranded in the city, the party heads for the Dragon Spire.

Castle SaroniaEdit

Difficulty: 73
Boss: Garuda

The Warriors of Light have come to Castle Saronia along with the young Prince Alus in an attempt to convince the king to put an end to the civil war.

Sunken CaveEdit

Difficulty: 73
Boss: Zombie Dragon

The Warriors of Light learn from Doga that Xande is behind the encroaching darkness. Doga enchants the Nautilus so that it can travel underwater, and the party begins to search the sea floor.

Saronia CatacombsEdit

Difficulty: 76
Boss: Odin

The Warriors of Light continue their search along the sea floor for Noah's Lute. entering a maze in the waters near Saronia.

Temple of TimeEdit

Difficulty: 91
Boss: Dragon

The Warriors of Light head underwater in the Nautilus to obtain Noah's Lute in order to awaken Unei.

The Warriors of Light obtained Noah's Lute from the Temple of Time. The lute's haunting melody awoke Unei, one of the great Magus Noah's students, from where she slept in a mountain shrine. Unei agreed to aid th party and entrusted them with the Fang of Fire, one of the fans needed to open the way to Xande's Crystal Tower. She then led them toward an ancient ruin, where they might find the Fang of Earth.

Anceint RuinsEdit

Difficulty: 92
Boss: Behemoth

In search of a ship to get them over the mountains, the Warriors of Light go with Unei into the depths of the ancient ruins.

Falgabard CaveEdit

Difficulty: 92
Boss: Shinobi

The Warriors of Light make for Falgabard in order to find a weapon capable of vanquishing the creatures within the Cave of Shadows.

Lake DohrEdit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Leviathan

The Warriors of Light have obtained the massive airship Invincible, enabling them to cross the mountains by Gulgan Gulch, where they discover a lake in which a dark shadow drifts.

Cave of ShadowsEdit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Hecatoncheir

Having found the Dark Knight arms in Falgabard, the Warriors of Light make for the Cave of Shadows in search of the Fang of Earth.

Doga's GrottoEdit

Difficulty: 97
Boss: Doga & Unei

Arriving at Doga's Grotto, the Warriors o Light receive a challenge from Doga and Unei: defeat us.

Bahamut's LairEdit

Difficulty: 99
Boss: Bahamut

Using the Nautilus and Invincible, the Warriors of Light arrive at Bahamut's Lair, to the west of Tozus.

The Warriors of Light arrived at Bahamut's Lair, where the King of Dragons dwells. Though the memory of their defeat to Bahamut as still fresh, this time, they prevailed. With a growing sense of their own power, the Warriors of Light embarked on their next journey.

Ancients' MazeEdit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Titan

Using the four fangs, the Warriors of Light destroy the stone statues guarding the path to the Crystal Tower, and enter the Ancients' Maze.

Eureka, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 96
Boss: Ninja

With the key obtained from Doga and Unei in hand, the Warriors of Light venture into the land of Eureka, where powerful weapons await.

Eureka, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Amon

Treasure in hand, the Warriors of Light continue their search through Eureka for the weapons. Heading ever deeper, the party reaches the fourth level of the dungeon.

Eureka, Part 3Edit

Difficulty: 94
Boss: Kunoichi

The Warriors of Light defeat Amon and continue down to the fifth level of the tower, where, past an intersection in the passage, they discover a mysterious sword.

Eureka, Part 4Edit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: General

The Warriors of Light to the sixth level of the tower in search of the Forbidden Weapons. They proceed clockwise through the rooms till they come to a dead end, where they discover a sword floating above a stone.

Eureka, Part 5Edit

Difficulty: 97
Boss: Guardian

Venturing further into the Forbidden Land of Eureka, the Warriors of Light pass through a door into a chamber with paths leading left and right. Down the right-hand path, they find a blade of immense power.

Eureka, Part 6Edit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Scylla

The Warriors of Light retrace their steps and continue exploring the Forbidden Land of Eureka. Making their way down the other path, they discover a staff.

Crystal TowerEdit

Difficulty: 99
Boss: Xande

The Warriors of Light reach Xande's throne of power, but fall victim to the curse of the five wyrms. In their hour of need, allies summoned by the spirit of Doga come together to cure their affliction.

World of Darkness, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Cerberus

The Warriors of Light discover the Dark Wind Crystal in the World of Darkness, but find it guarded by the creature Cerberus.

Upon the defeat of Cerberus, a figure emerged from the Crystal before the Warriors of Light. He claimed to be one of the four Warriors of Darkness who fought to stop the Flood of Light a millennium ago, and spoke of the delicate balance between the worlds of light and darkness, which are drawn into the Void when they overlap. He informed the Warriors of Light that only they could stop the Flood of Darkness, and pledged to aid them in this task.

World of Darkness, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 94
Boss: Two-Headed Dragon

The Warriors of Light retrace their steps before choosing a new path to explore. They find the Dark Fire Crystal, but the Two-Headed Dragon stands sentinel.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Mist CaveEdit

Difficulty: 3
Boss: Mist Dragon

The King of Baron has ordered Cecil of the Red Wings to deliver the Carnelian Signet to the village of Mist.

Underground WaterwayEdit

Difficulty: 4
Boss: Octomammoth

Cecil finds his beloved Rosa in Kaipo, only to learn she languishes with the deadly Desert Fever. He sets out for Damcyan to find a cure.

Antlion's DenEdit

Difficulty: 6
Boss: Antlion

Edward lends the party his hovercraft so that they may cross the desert and enter the Antlion's Den in search of the Sand Pearl in hopes it will be the cure they seek.

Mount HobsEdit

Difficulty: 7
Boss: Mom Bomb

Cecil and his party make for Fabul, where lies the Wind Crystal they need to thwart Golbez. But first they must navigate the treacherous, icebound slopes of Mount Hobs.

Fabul CastleEdit

Difficulty: 8
Boss: Kain

Its monk warriors decimated, Fabul is in dire straits. Cecil and Edward come to stand with Yang against the forces of Baron.

Baron CastleEdit

Difficulty: 10
Boss: Baigan; Cagnazzo

Cecil and his allies make their way from Mysidia to Baron along Devil's Road. Rescuing a befuddled Yang from the king's control, they infiltrate Baron Castle.

Lodestone CavernEdit

Difficulty: 23
Boss: Dark Elf

Golbez has demanded the Earth Crystal in exchange for Rosa's safe return, so now Cecil and his allies must pursue the Dark Elf who stole the Crystal from Troia.

Tower of ZotEdit

Boss: Magus Sisters

The Earth Crystal now in Cecil's possession, Kain guides the party to the Tower of Zot where Golbez holds Rosa prisoner. They climb the tower, making for the top.

Tower of Zot - SpireEdit

Difficulty: 26
Boss: Barbariccia

Tellah's Meteor has freed Kain from Golbez's control. But there is little time to rest as the party continues toward the top of the tower and Rosa.

Dwarven CastleEdit

Difficulty: 26
Boss: Calcabrina; Golbez

Though Golbez has stolen all four Crystals, the party learns that four more Dark Crystals exist in the Underworld. Now they make for the Dwarven Castle to defend its Crystal from Golbez.

Tower of Babil - DepthsEdit

Difficulty: 25
Boss: Lugae; Lugaeborg

With three Dark Crystals already in his possession, Golbez now aims to take the fourth and final Crystal. The party seizes this opportunity to make an assault on the Tower of Babil and retrieve the stolen Crystals.

Cave of EblanEdit

Difficulty: 27
Boss: Rubicante

The party escapes the Tower and makes for the Overworld. Cid risks his life to stop their pursuers, allowing the party to go through the Cave of Eblan to reach the Overworld levels of the Tower.

Tower of Babil - HeightsEdit

Difficulty: 27
Boss: King and Queen of Eblan; Rubicante

In order to retrieve the Crystal, Edge joins Cecil's party as they make their way into the Overworld half of the Tower of Babil.

The FeymarchEdit

Difficulty: 29
Boss: Asura; Leviathan

The last Crystal lies within the Sealed Cave. Before the party attempts to claim the Crystal, they follow Rydia's advice and go to the Passage of the Eidolons in hopes of securing the Eidolons' help.

Rydia led the way through the Passage of the Eidolons to the Feymarch, where they requested the assistance of the Eidolon King and Queen, Leviathan and Asura. After proving themselves in battle, they secured the Eidolons' help and made for the Sealed Cave where the final Crystal awaited.

Sealed CaveEdit

Difficulty: 64
Boss: Demon Wall

Cecil and his allies board Cid's newly repaired airship, the Falcon, to enter the Sealed Cave and claim the final crystal.

Inside the Sealed Cave, the party had defeated Demon Wall and claimed he final crystal when they heard Golbez's voice, and Kain was once again possessed. Under Golbez's influence, Kain wrested the crystal from Cecil and took it away to his master.

Lair of the FatherEdit

Difficulty: 65
Boss: Bahamut

The mages of Mysidia have raised the Lunar Whale. Now it carries Cecil's party to the Red Moon, where they will face Bahamut.

The party found Bahamut within the Lair of the Father on the Red Moon. Having proved their worth by defeating Leviathan, the party challenged Bahamut and prevailed, and Bahamut lent his strength to Cecil's party.

Giant of Babil, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 67
Boss: Scarmiglione; Rubicante; Cagnazzo; Barbiccia

On the Red Moon, Fusoya tells Cecil of the Lunarian Zemus's maniacal plans to activate the Giant of Babil and use it to destroy the Earth. The party returns to Earth and enters the giant...

Cecil's party advanced through the Giant of Babil toward the CPU in order to destroy it, fighting the four Archfiends once more on their way.

Giant of Babil, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 68
Boss: CPU, Attack Node, & Defense Node

As the Giant of Babil wreaks destruction around it, Cecil's party makes their way toward the heart of the giant and the CPU.

Cecil's party reached the heart of the Giant of Babil and succeeded in destroying its CPU. Golbez is furious, until Fusoya breaks Zemus's control over him, and Golbez remembers that he is Cecil's brother, and son of the Lunarian Kluya.

Lunar Subterrane, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 87
Boss: White Dragon

Golbez resolves to defeat Zemus and sets off with Fusoya for the moon. Cecil's party follows, eager to join the fight.

Cecil's party landed on the moon together with Kain. Drawn toward the crystal, they made their way into the Subterrane, defeating the White Dragon on their way inside.

Lunar Subterrane, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 88
Boss: Dark Bahamut

Cecil's party continues on its way through the Subterrane towards the moon core, facing foes more fearsome than any they've encountered thus far.

Lunar Subterrane, Part 3Edit

Difficulty: 89
Boss: Lunasaur

Cecil and the others are making their way past tangled and hidden corridors toward Zemus, when they must face yet another fearsome foe.

Lunar Subterrane, Part 4Edit

Difficulty: 90
Boss: Plague Horror

Cecil's party fights its way past formidable foe after foe, heading toward a showdown with Zemus.

Lunar Subterrane, Part 5Edit

Difficulty: 92
Boss: Ogopogo

Fighting battle after battle, Cecil's party continues its journey toward the moon's core and Zemus, when Ogopogo attacks.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Adamant Isle CaveEdit

Difficulty: 29
Boss: Sand Worm x2

Growing up in the shadow of his illustrious father, Ceodore seeks to join the Red Wings and prove his worth.

Baron Castle, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 32
Boss: Belphegor x2

Cecil and the others struggle to hold off the monsters besieging Baron Castle. Confirming the gate has not been breached, they brace themselves for an assault from the air.

Cecil and his companions drove off the enemy, only to be set upon by another foe.

Baron Castle, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 35
Boss: Ahriman & Spirit x3

Cid shouts a warning just as Cecil and his companions are set upon by an ahriman.

With the help of his allies, Cecil defeated the ahriman and spirits. The enemy assault showed no sign of letting up, however, so the party braced for more combat.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Wind ShrineEdit

Difficulty: 6
Boss: Wing Raptor

Princess Lenna Tycoon goes in search of her father, meeting Bartz, Galuf, and the pirate Faris along the way. Together, they enter the Wind Shrine to obtain the crystal within.

Torna CanalEdit

Difficulty: 7
Boss: Karlabos

In order to reach Walse Tower, Bartz and his allies must navigate the Torna Canal, and for this, they require a key from Zok, the canal gatekeeper.

Ship GraveyardEdit

Difficulty: 8
Boss: Siren

Their vessel reaches the Ship Graveyard, a haunt of derelict ships teeming with undead. The party makes its way through a ghost ship in search of a way out.

North MountainEdit

Difficulty: 9
Boss: Magissa and Forza

The ferry between Carwen and Walse cannot operate without wind, but accounts of a Wind Drake sighting in town inspire he party to head for North Mountain in hopes of finding an alternate means of transport.

Castle WalseEdit

Difficulty: 39
Boss: Shiva

Having nursed her wind drake to health, Lenna and the others ride the drake to Castle Walse to beg the king not to misuse the power of the Water Crystal.

Walse TowerEdit

Difficulty: 39
Boss: Garula

Bartz and his party arrive at Walse Tower, the keeping place of the Water Crystal. The king of Walse asks them to ascend the tower and protect the Crystal.

Karnak CastleEdit

Difficulty: 40
Boss: Iron Claw

The party steps through a teleporter in the Walse Meteorite and finds themselvse transported to Karnak. There they are mistaken for allies of the wrwolf attempting to steal the Fire Crystal, and they are imprisoned in Karnak Castle.

Library of the AncientsEdit

Difficulty: 41
Boss: Ifrit

Bartz and the party arrive at the Library of the Ancients in search of clues about the last Crystal, but they soon learn that Cid's grandson, Mid, has gone missing. They head down into the depths of the library to find him.

Desert of Shifting SandsEdit

Difficulty: 69
Boss: Sand Worm

While they are at the Library of the Ancients, Bartz's party learns that the missing King Tycoon has been spotted, and proceed to follow his trail into the Desert of the Shifting Sands.


Difficulty: 70
Boss: Cray Claw

Beyond the desert, Bartz's party finds King Tycoon, only to fall into ancient underground ruins, where they discove a device that teleports hem to the island of Crescent.

Tycoon MeteoriteEdit

Difficulty: 76
Boss: Adamantoise

Bartz's party witness a massive ancient city rise from beneath the ground. In order to enter the city, they must upgrade their airship to fly higher, so they head for the Tycoon Meteorite in search of the adamantite they will need to make the modifications.

Ronka Ruins, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 77
Boss: Soul Cannon

Thanks to Cid and Mid's modifications, Bartz's party is able to fly their airship high enough to reach the floating Ronka Ruins.

Ronka Ruins, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 79
Boss: Archaeoaevis

Bartz's party has destroyed the cannon protecting the Ronka Ruins, and now heads inside in search of the Earth Crystal.

Walse MeteoriteEdit

Difficulty: 80
Boss: Purobolos

After escaping the Ronka Ruins, Galuf and Krile return to their own world to face Exdeath. Bartz's party decides to follow them.

Karnak MeteoriteEdit

Difficulty: 81
Boss: Titan

Bartz's party makes for the Karnak Meteorite, the next meteorite they must reactivate in order to join Galuf's fight in his world.

Gohn MeteoriteEdit

Difficulty: 81
Boss: Manticore

Bartz's party has been traveling the world, reactivating the four meteorites in order to join Galuf. Now they make for the final meteorite in the ruins of Gohn.

Castle ExdeathEdit

Difficulty: 81
Boss: Gilgamesh

Bartz's party has arrived in Galuf's world, but was attacked and trapped in Castle Exdeath. Hearing of their plight, Galuf comes to the rescue.

Big BridgeEdit

Difficulty: 84
Boss: Gilgamesh

Galuf has freed Bartz's party from Castle Exdeath. Now the four of them head for the Big Bridge that leads to the Castle of Bal in Galuf's homeland.

Underground WaterwayEdit

Difficulty: 83
Boss: Tyrannosaur

Bartz's party has been knocked to Gloceana by the barrier around Castle Exdeath. There, while searching for a way off the continent, they discover a moogle.

At Lenna's suggestion, the party saved a moogle who had fallen into an underground river. Lenna spoke to the terrified moogle, who led the to the Moogle Village. The mogles used their telepathy to tell the Castle of Bal that Bartz's party had arrived at the village. Hearing this news, Krile flew to Gloceana on her wind drake and brought the party back.

Castle of BalEdit

Difficulty: 83
Boss: Abductor

Picking up Galuf and the others while wounded left the wind drake considerably weakened. The party heads to Drakenvale in earch of dragon grass in order to restore the drake to health.


Difficulty: 85
Boss: Dragon Pod & 4 Dragon Flowers

The party enters the Drakenvale in search of dragon grass.

Xezat's FleetEdit

Difficulty: 86
Boss: Gilgamesh & Enkidu

Bartz learns that Xezat, King of Surgate, is leading his fleet to attack Castle Exdeath. No sooner does the party join the fleet than Exdeath's army attacks.

Barrier TownEdit

Difficulty: 87
Boss: Atomos

Bartz's party has infiltrated the Barrier Town via a seafloor tunnel. While Xezat goes down to destroy the machine powering the tower, Bartz and the others go up to the top to destroy the antenna.

Great Forest of MooreEdit

Difficulty: 87
Boss: Crystal

Bartz's party visits Ghido's sunken temple. There the wise turtle asks the party to protect a tree in the Great Forest of Moore from Exdeath.

Castle Exdeath, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 93
Boss: Carbuncle

In keeping with her grandfather Galuf's wishes, Krile goes to fight Exdeath, and now joins Bartz's party on their way to Castle Exdeath.

With the aid of the spirits of Galuf and Kelger, Krile destroyed the illusion shrouding Castle Exdeath, allowing Bartz's party to see it for what it was. Inside, they faced the powerful summon Carbuncle. Carbuncle agreed to aid them after they proved themselves worthy by defeating him in combat.

Castle Exdeath, Part 3Edit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Gilgamesh

Bartz's party is making their way through the castle in search of Exdeath when Gilgamesh appears and challenges them for a fourth time.

During battle, Gilgamesh revealed that h'd actually begun looking forward to facing Bartz's party, going so far as to admit to a kind of fondness for them. He was visibly touched, too, at learning of Galuf's death. Yet Gilgamesh's repeated failure to destroy the party did not go unnoticed by Exdeath, who banished Gilgamesh to the Void for his incompetence. The party continued after Exdeath, going even higher in the castle.

Castle Exdeath, Part 4Edit

Difficulty: 97
Boss: Exdeath

On the top floor of the castle, Bartz's party faces Exdeath at last. The showdown begins!

Following a vicious battle, Bartz's party defeated Exdeath. But immediately after, the remaining three crystals shattered in a blast that knocked the party unconscious. When the party awoke, they were surprised to find themselves by Tycoon Castle--a castle they thought they had left behind them in the other world.

Death ValleyEdit

Difficulty: 92
Boss: Antlion

A celebration welcoming back the princess is underway at Castle Tycoon as Bartz leaves with Krile to discover the reason they have returned to their own world.

Bartz and Krile set out from the castle and headed for the pirates' hideout, where they were reunited wit the chocobo Boko, who gave them a ride. However, they soon ran afoul of an antlion nest in Death Valley, to the west of Tule. Though they defeated the antlion, they were having trouble getting out of the nest until Faris arrived and helped them. The three continued on their journey together.


Difficulty: 93
Boss: Gargoyles x2

Exdeath revived and entered the interdimensional rift in order to claim the power of the Void for himself. Now Bartz's party must gather the twelve legendary weapons if they are going to stand against him.

After their reunion with the sage Ghido, Bartz's party went in search of the four tablets they will need to claim the twelve legendary weapons. With the Sealed Tome Ghido gave them in hand, the party traveled to the pyramid where the first tablet lay, only to be attacked by gargoyles guarding the entrance. Defeating the creatures, they made their way past many traps into the depths of the pyramid and obtained the tablet.

Guardian TreeEdit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Melusine

The wind drake carried Lenna to the Guardian Tree on the way back from the pyramid, but there, the unconscious Lenna is possessed by the fiendish Melusine.

Island ShrineEdit

Difficulty: 96
Boss: Wendigo

Bartz's party continues their quest for the twelve legendary weapons, heading now for the island shrine to the west of Tycoon where the second tablet is said to lie.

White Fork TowerEdit

Difficulty: 97
Boss: Minotaur

Bartz's party obtained the second tablet, opening the doors to the Fork Tower, wherein lie the most powerful white and black magic spells.

Black Fork TowerEdit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Omniscient

Bartz's party splits into two groups to ascend the two sides of Fork Tower nd claim the most powerful white and black magic spells.

Great Sea TrenchEdit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Gargoyles x2; Triton, Nereid, & Phobos

Reading in the Sealed Tome that the third stone tablet lies in a place deeper than the bottom of the sea, Bartz's party uses a submarine to search the seafloor, where they discover a massive trench.

Istory FallsEdit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Leviathan

Learning that the fourth stone tablet lies behind a waterfall, Bartz's party leaves the undersea cavern for Istory Falls.

Castle of Bal - DungeonEdit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Odin

Following the information they gleaned in Jachol, Bartz's party arrived at Jachol Cave, where they discovereda passage leading beneath the Castle of Bal.

North Mountain, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 101
Boss: Bahamut

Bartz's party retrieved the first tablet, releasing Bahamut. Now, the King of Dragons awaits them upon the North Mountain.

Bahamut had lain dormant, transformed into a peninsula, but was freed upon the merging of the worlds. Bartz's party ventured to the mountain where Bahamut waited, and there defeated him. Bahamut acknowledged the heroes as his new masters, and lent them his strength.


Difficulty: 96
Boss: Shield Dragon

With the four tablets in hand, Bartz's party heads for Kuza, the Sealed Castle, in search of the legendary Sealed Weapons within.

Sunken Walse TowerEdit

Difficulty: 99
Boss: Famed Mimic Gogo

To reclaim a lost crystal fragment, Bartz's party uses the submarine to go to the Sunken Walse Tower.

Between Dimensions, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Calofisteri

Fully prepared for their battle against Exdeath, Bartz's party enters the Interdimensional Rift in the sky above Castle Tycoon.

Through the Interdimensional Rift, Bartz's party discovered a vast desert. Passing through the desert, they came to a ruin, eventually reaching a forest within the Rift. At the entrance to a cave beyond the forest, they defeated Calofisteri before continuing on their journey.

Between Dimensions, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 97
Boss: Apanda

Bartz's party makes their way deeper into the Interdimensional Rift, braving the danger presented by the many monstrous creatures that have been trapped in the Rift for a millennium.

Dimension Castle, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 94
Boss: Alte Roite

Bartz's party cross the Interdimensional Rift and enter the Dimension Castle. They venture into the dungeons below, and encounter creatures guarding the treasures that lie there.

Dimension Castle, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Azulmagia

Bartz and the others continue exploring the dungeons below the Dimension Castle. A creature skulking there inquires if they are the warriors who bear the crystal shard.

Dimension Castle, Part 3Edit

Difficulty: 96
Boss: Catastrophe

Bartz's party discovers a maiden held captive in another prison. Upon opening the door, they are set upon by Catastrophe.

Dimension Castle, Part 4Edit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Halicarnassus

Bartz's party arrives at the throne room of Dimension Castle, but they are unable to proceed further. There they again encounter the woman they had previously freed.

Dimension Castle, Part 5Edit

Difficulty: 99
Boss: Twintania

Bartz and the others reach the top of Dimension Castle, where they hope to find a way into the rift where the Void is sealed, but their path is blocked by Twintania.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

North MinesEdit

Difficulty: 9
Boss: Ymir

In a world where magic faded long ago, the Empire has found a girl born with magical abilities. Her encounter with an icebound esper sets in motion a chain of events that will change everything.

Abandoned MineshaftEdit

Difficulty: 10
Boss: Guard Leader & 2 Silver Lobos

Freed from the Empire's hold on her mind, Terra flees Imperial guards and seeks refuge in the mines.

Figaro CastleEdit

Difficulty: 11
Boss: Magitek Armor

Locke and Terra have escaped the mines to the desert castle of Figaro, but the arm of the Empire reaches after them with Kefka's approach.

Mt. KoltsEdit

Difficulty: 12
Boss: Vargas & 2 Ipoohs

Fleeing their pursuers at Figaro Castle, Terra and the others make for the Returner Hidehout, but on the way they must pass over Mt. Kolts where a mysterious figure awaits them...

Imperial CampEdit

Difficulty: 13
Boss: Magitek Armor

Separated from the others after a dive into raging waters, Sabin heads for the mines to rejoin the party. On his way, he witnesses an Imperial attack on Doma Castle, and decides to investigate the Imperial Camp.

South Figaro CaveEdit

Difficulty: 15
Boss: Tunnel Armor

Locke has come to South Figaro to disrupt the Empire's occupation. Trapped under watchful Imperial eyes, he finds an unlikely ally in Celes, an Imperial general. Together they escape through the cave beneath the town.

Phantom TrainEdit

Difficulty: 16
Boss: Phantom Train

Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan have escaped the Imperial Camp and wandered into the forest, where they discover a mysterious train. No sooner do they board to investigate than the whistle blows and the train lurches into motion!

Esper ValleyEdit

Difficulty: 16
Boss: Kefka

The scattered allies regroup in Narshe just as an Imperial force led by Kefka attempts to seize the esper. It falls to Terra and her allies to defend the town.


Difficulty: 17
Boss: Dadaluma

Following word that Terra has been seen, the party goes from village to village looking for her. They eventually reach the town of Zozo, an impoverished hotbed of scum and villainy.

Opera HouseEdit

Difficulty: 18
Boss: Orthros

The party heads to the Opera House in order to make contact with Setzer, who owns an airship that can get them across the sea to the Empire.

Magitek FactoryEdit

Difficulty: 18
Boss: Ifrit & Shiva

The party has infiltrated the Imperial capital of Vector in hopes of waking Terra. Aided by their fellow Returners, they enter the Magitek Factory where the espers are being held.


Difficulty: 19
Boss: Cranes

Celes has teleported Kefka and herself away, but the power of her spell started a chain-reaction in the Magitek Factory. The party flees back into Vector with Kefka's minions in pursuit.


Difficulty: 20
Boss: Flame Eater

Terra's magic opens a Sealed Gate to the Esper World, and the espers spill out, driving away the Imperial forces. Fearing the espers, the Empire sues for peace, and asks for the Returners' help in tracking down the scattered espers before they cause more damage.

Esper CavesEdit

Difficulty: 21
Boss: Orthros

The party makes their way to the Esper Caves in an attempt to persuade the espers to reconcile with the Empire. Meanwhile, Emperor Gestahl advances through the Cave to the Sealed Gate...


Difficulty: 21
Boss: Orthros and Typhon; Air Force

The party is en route to the Floating Continent by airship in an attempt to put a halt to Gestahl's plans and prevent the end of the world, when they are set upon by Imperial airships.

Floating Continent 1Edit

Difficulty: 23
Boss: Ultima Weapon

The party now makes for the center of the Floating Continent in order to keep Gestahl and Kefka from claiming the statues of the Warring Triad, said to contain the power to destroy the world.

Floating Continent 2Edit

Difficulty: 23
Boss: Nelapa

With the seal broken, the power of the Warring Triad is unleashed, and the party is forced to flee the crumbling Floating Continent. While Shadow deals with Kefka, the party hurries to the airship.

Solitary IslandEdit

Difficulty: 28
Boss: Black Dragon

Celes wakes in a small hut on an unknown island to find that Cid has been taking care of her for an entire year. Now Cid has fallen sick and she must return the favor.


Difficulty: 29
Boss: Humbaba

Celes washed ashore near Albrook and learns from the townsfolk that Sabin is in Tzen, and Terra is in Mobliz.

Figaro Castle 2Edit

Difficulty: 30
Boss: Tentacles

Celes' party leaves Terra in Mobliz and continues on to the port town of Nikeah, where they encounter a bandit named Gerad trying to enter Figaro Castle. The bandit looks suspiciously similar to Edgar...

Darill's TombEdit

Difficulty: 32
Boss: Angler Whelk; Dullahan

The airship lost, Setzer despairs. It is Celes who rouses him again, and takes the party to Darill's tomb to find new hope, and new transportation.


Difficulty: 58
Boss: Deathgaze

Setzer puts his grief behind him as he boards the restored Falcon and sets off on a journey with his old friends to see the ruined world.

Mt. ZozoEdit

Difficulty: 60
Boss: Storm Dragon

The party follows one of Cyan's carrier pigeons to Maranda, where they find a letter they suspectis from Cyan. They send a reply and follow the pigeon as it wings its way toward Mt. Zozo

Cave on the VeldtEdit

Difficulty: 61
Boss: Behemoth King & Undead Behemoth King

The party joins Gau, and together they head for the Cave on the Veldt where they find Shadow's trusty hound, Interceptor.

Interceptor led the party into the depths of the cave, where they discovered Shadow lying on a cold stone. They took him to Thamasa to receive care, but shortly after, Shadow disappeared...

Owzer's MansionEdit

Difficulty: 88
Boss: Chadarnook

Thinking rumors of a girl with uncanny artistic abilities may lead them to Relm, Celes's party visits Owzer's mansion in Jidoor, where they are reunited with her at last.

Cultists' Tower, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 89
Boss: Holy Dragon

Relm and the others arrived at the Cultists' Tower where they found Strago wandering amongst the believers.

Cultists' Tower, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 90
Boss: Magic Master

With Strago now one of their number, Celes's party has defeated the Holy Dragon. Now they make their way to the topmost level of the Cultists' Tower.

Phoenix CaveEdit

Difficulty: 90

Nashe, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 90
Boss:Ice Dragon

In the Narshe Mines, the party is reunited with Mog, a moogle who survived the sundering of the world.

Narshe, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 91
Boss: Valigarmanda

Celes' party crosses Narshe and heads north towards the Yeti's Cave. On their way, they discover an esper frozen in the ice.

When Celes approached the frozen esper, it suddenly awoke and attacked. Though the esper proved a formidable foe, the party emerged victorious. Believing the party's noble goal of ending the War of the Magi, the esper Valigarmanda became magicite, lending his power to their cause.

Yeti's CaveEdit

Difficulty: 91
Boss: Yeti

Descending the Narshe Cliffs, Celes' party enters the Yeti's Cave in search of Mog's friend.

Celes' party discovered magicite deep within the Yeti's Cave, but when they took it, a yeti came roaring out at them. As wild as his reputation, the yeti attacked, only calming once the party had defeated it. At Mog's orders, the yeti, Umaro, joined the party.

Opera House, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 93
Boss: Earth Dragon

Celes' party continues their search for the power to defeat Kefka. At the Opera House, they find the Impresario with a problem: a dragon has moved in and taken up residence on the stage!

Celes' party stepped on stage at the Opera House to find the Earth Dragon, one of the Eight Legendary Dragons. Dodging the beast's fierce attacks, they prevailed, and left the Opera House with the Impresario's sincerest gratitude.

Ancient CastleEdit

Difficulty: 94
Boss: Blue Dragon

Following information gleaned at the Cultist's Tower, Celes's party burrows Figaro Castle to travel underground. Passing through a cavern, they make for the Ancient Castle.

In the throne room of the Ancient Castle, the party discovered the esper Odin's petrified remains. When they touched it, the stone shattered, becoming magicite. Continuing their search, they found stairs leading down to another floor, where they encountered and defeated the Blue Dragon, another of the Eight Legendary Dragons. Deeper still, the party found a petrified statue of the queen, whose tears lent the Odin magicite even more power.

Dreamscape, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Culex, Moebius, & Laragorn

Celes' party stays the night at Doma Castle, yet in the morning, Cyan does not wake. To find out why, the party must enter Cyan's dreams.

Celes' party entered Cyan's dreams in pursuit of the three Dream Stooges, who claimed to have taken Cyan's heart. Though they were separated upon their arrival in the dream, the party soon regrouped, and was able to defeat the Dream Stooges. From there, they ventured deeper into Cyan's dream.

Dreamscape, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Wrexsoul & Soul Savers

The three Dream Stooges defeated, Cyan still does not wake. Celes' party goes deeper into the dream dungeon to find the source of the problem.

Ebot's RockEdit

Difficulty: 93
Boss: Hidon & Erebuses

In Thamasa, Strago's friend Gungho lost to Hidon and was gravely wounded. Strago's party heads to Ebot's Rock to take their revenge.

Mobliz, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 94
Boss: Humbaba

Back in Mobliz, the children are excited about the news of Katarin's pregnancy, when the creature Humbaba once again attacks the village.

Kefka's Tower, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Inferno, Rahu, & Ketu

Celes' party makes their way into Kefka's Tower in order to defeat him.

Kefka's Tower, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 99
Boss: Skull Dragon

Celes' party breaks into three groups and advances through Kefka's Tower, where the group that defeated Inferno meets the Skull Dragon, one of the Eight Legendary Dragons.

Kefka's Tower, Part 3Edit

Difficulty: 97
Boss: Gold Dragon

Having split into three groups, Celes' party is navigating its way through the traps in Kefka's Tower while their friends face the Gold Dragon.

Kefka's Tower, Part 4Edit

Difficulty: 99
Boss: Ultima Buster

Seeing off their friends, the party that defeated the Gold Dragon sets themselves to exploring new areas.

Kefka's Tower, Part 5Edit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Guardian

Celes's party reaches a junction at Kefka's Tower. They proceed through the center door, only to find the Guardian blocking the way forward.

The Guardian cycled through its battle program, hammering the party with a range of abilities they had faced in previous fights. They had barely weathered the dizzying array of attacks, yet in the end, they prevailed over this formidable foe. Nursing their wounds, they set off again to confront Kefka at the top of the tower.

Kefka's Tower, Part 6Edit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Demon

After defeating the Guardian, the party comes across a statue of a Fiend, one of the Warring Triad.

The Fiend leaped to attack as soon as the party touched the statue. Mightiest of the Warring Triad from which all magic originates, the Fiend made for a tough opponent, and a frantic battle unfolded. Ultimately felling the ancient god, the party proceeded through the door beyond the statue, and found themselves in an area with three switches.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Mako Reactor No. 1Edit

Difficulty: 1
Boss: Guard Scorpion

A former member of SOLDIER has come to destroy one of the Mako Reactors--machines that harness the planet's Lifestream to generate power.

Make Reactor No. 5Edit

Difficulty: 1
Boss: Air Buster

Cloud collects his reward at AVALANCHE headquarters and turns to leave, but his childhood friend Tifa convinces him to join their raid on Mako Reactor No. 5.

Midgar HighwayEdit

Difficulty: 47
Boss: Motor Ball

Cloud's team escapes from the Shinra Building on stolen vehicles and races down Midgar Highway with Shinra soldiers in hot pursuit.

Under JunonEdit

Difficulty: 49
Boss: Bottomswell

Cloud's team follows Sephiroth, passing through the Mythril Mine to the port in Junon.

Shinra Cargo ShipEdit

Difficulty: 50
Boss: Jenova BIRTH

With Priscilla's help, Cloud's team sneaks onto the Shinra Cargo Ship at port in Junon.

Corel PrisonEdit

Difficulty: 48
Boss: Dyne

Cloud's party is in the Gold Saucer when they are blamed for a shooting and sent to the desert prison of Corel.


Difficulty: 48
Boss: Reno & Rude

Cait Sith strong-arms his way into the party's ranks, and together they continue their pursuit of Sephiroth, going next to Gongaga where they encounter the Turks.

Cosmo CanyonEdit

Difficulty: 50
Boss: Gi Nattak & Soul Fires

The elders of Cosmo Canyon tell the party about their research into the Lifestream. When Bugenhagen hears Red XIII's story about his father, he leads the party to the Cave of the Gi.


Difficulty: 55
Boss: Lost Number

The party finds Nibelheim completely rebuilt, just as it was before the incident. Curious, they enter the town to investigate.

Mt. NibelEdit

Difficulty: 56
Boss: Materia Keeper

After their surprise encounter with Sephiroth in the manor in Nibelheim, the party heads north into the mountains in pursuit.


Difficulty: 57
Boss: Palmer

Cloud's party has successfully made it through Mt. Nibel to Rocket Town. As they speak with Cid, an important figure in town, President Rufus Shinra arrives.

Temple of the AncientsEdit

Difficulty: 59
Boss: Red Dragon

Cloud's party has reached the Temple of the Ancients, where they obtain the Keystone from a gravely wounded Tseng and proceed into the heart of the temple.

Forgotten CapitalEdit

Difficulty: 89
Boss: Jenova LIFE

Aerith is off to the Forgotten Capital in order to stop the Meteor from destroying the world, with Cloud and the others close behind.

Aerith was praying at the Water Altar, deep within the Forgotten Capital when Cloud arrived just as Sephiroth's blade took Aerith's life. Cloud held her lifeless form in his arms as Sephiroth smiled cruelly on. The party fought off Jenova LIFE and committed Aerith's body to the lake, swearing to make Sephiroth pay.

Gaea's CliffEdit

Difficulty: 90
Boss: Schizo

Having realized that the only way to stop the Meteor is to recover the Black Materia, Cloud's party makes fo the Great Glacier in pursuit of Sephiroth.

Whirlwind MazeEdit

Difficulty: 91
Boss: Jenova DEATH

Cloud's party ascends Gaea's Cliff and heads into the North Crater to end the struggle with Sephiroth once and for all.

Ultima WeaponEdit

Difficulty: 9
Boss: Ultima Weapon (Near Junon); Ultima Weapon (Northern Cave); Ultima Weapon (Cosmo Canyon)

Tifa escapes in the airship as the Lifestream erupts and the massive Weapons made by the planet in antiquity begin to awaken.

Underwater ReactorEdit

Difficulty: 93
Boss: Carry Armor

Shinra gathers the four Huge Materia in order to harness the power of the planet and use it to destroy the Meteor. Cloud's party rushes to stop them. Their first stop: an underwater Mako Reactor.

Defeating the Carry Armor sent at them by Reno at the dock, Cloud's team stole a submarine and chased after the Shinra submarine carrying the Huge Materia. They tracked and sank their target, only to learn that another Huge Materia was on its way out of the Junon airport. The party recovered the sunken submarine's cargo before hurrying to Junon.

Shinra No. 26Edit

Difficulty: 92
Boss: Rude

Cloud and the others hurry for a rocket loaded with a piece of Huge Materia in Rocket Town, ready to launch at the Meteor.

Cloud's party fought their way past Rude into the rocket where Cid, eager to go to space, debated whether or not to launch--until Palmer made his decision for him by launching the rocket remotely. The party recovered the Huge Materia from inside the rocket, then took off in the escape pod, leaving the unmanned rocket to collide ineffectually with the Meteor. Shinra's plan had failed.

Sector 8, Part 1Edit

Difficulty: 98
Boss: Reno, Rude, & Elena

Thanks to Hojo's meddling, the Shinra Mako Cannon that defeated the Diamond Weapon has gone wild. Cloud's party heads into Midgar to stop Hojo.

Sector 8, Part 2Edit

Difficulty: 99
Boss: Proudclad

Cloud's party nears the Mako Cannon to find Heidegger and Scarlet waiting for them on the Proudclad.

Sister RayEdit

Difficulty: 101
Boss: Hojo, Heretic Hojo & Lifeform-Hojo N

Cloud's party reaches the controls for the Mako Cannon, where Hojo reveals a shocking truth.

Wutai PagodaEdit

Difficulty: 95
Boss: Gorkii, Shake, Chekov, Staniv, Godo

Cloud and the other have come to Yuffie's home of Wutai, where Yuffie prepares to brave the trials of the Wutai Pagoda.

Yuffie prevailed in the trial of the pagoda, defeating the five gods: "Gorkii" who is Strength, "Shake" who is Speed, "Chekov" who is Magic, "Staniv" who is Combat, and "Godo" who is Wisdom. With this, she won the water god's materia. Her perseverance made a strong impression on the elders of her homeland, many of whom had long since given up hope.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIEdit


Difficulty: 48
Boss: Behemoth

Enemy troops from Wutai have hijacked a train in Midgar. Shinra sends SOLDIER member Zack to neutralize them.

Fort TamblinEdit

Difficulty: 50
Boss: Vajradhara Wu & Vajradhara Tai

Zack is sent on a mission to bring the war with Wutai to an end. Breaking through enemy lines, he comes face to face with the anti-SOLDIER monsters Vajradhara Wu and Vajradhara Tai.

Mt. Tamblin - Animal TrailEdit

Difficulty: 52
Boss: Ifrit

Zack becomes separated from Angeal after they are ambushed by unfamiliar soldiers at Mt. Tamblin. As he hurries to locate his mentor, Ifrit attacks.

Banora - Apple OrchardEdit

Difficulty: 54
Boss: Guard Spider

Zack is sent to the village of Banora where Genesis and Angeal grew up, but he finds it overrun with copies of Genesis out to stop him.

Zack fought his way past countless waves of Genesis Copies and Guard Spiders, finally locating Angeal's mother in the village. Brushing Zack's fears aside, she appeared convinced that Genesis was incapable of harming her. Though dubious, Zack continued exploring, until he was called over to a factory on the outskirts of the village by Tseng, a Turk also sent on the mission. The factory was being used by the enemy, and there Zack came face to face with Genesis and Angeal.


Difficulty: 56
Boss: Bahamut

Zack heads back to Angeal's family home, hoping to find him there. Sure enough, he comes cross Angeal, sword held aloft over his mother's lifeless body.

Zack started after Angeal, but was blocked by Genesis, who summoned the mighty Bahamut to battle in his stead. After edging out a victory over Bahamut, Zack chided Genesis for violating the honor of a SOLDIER, but Genesis merely sneered, telling him SOLDIER members were nothing but mosnters, and they had neither dreams nor honor. A single black wing then erupted from his back, and he flew off, leaving Zack to ponder his words.

Sector 8 - Shinra BuildingEdit


Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Fire CavernEdit

Difficulty: 32
Boss: Ifrit

Squall has undergone rigorous training as a student at Balamb Garden Military Academy. Now, to earn a chance to become a member of SeeD, Garden's elite mercenary force, he and Quistis head for the Fire Cavern.

SeeD Field ExamEdit

Difficulty: 33

  • Biggs & Wedge
  • Squall and Zell are assigned to a three-man squad led by Seifer for their SeeD field exam. As they approach the exam site in the Duchy of Dollet, the shells whizzing overhead make it clear that they are entering a true war zone.


    Difficulty: 34

  • X-ATM092
  • X-ATM092
  • X-ATM092
  • X-ATM092
    Squall and his party make their way toward the beach to withdraw before their ships pull out, but Biggs has one final plan to stop them from escaping. The X-ATM092 pursued Squall's squad as they made their way to the beach. The squad managed to stay just ahead of the relentless spider mech, and after a harrowing chase through the streets of Dollet they boarded the waiting landing craft, putting an end to the brutal field test. The SeeD operation in Dollet ended in success.

    Balamb Garden 1Edit

    Difficulty: 34
    Boss: Granaldo x1, Raldo x3

    Having passed his final exam, Squall becomes an official member of SeeD. At the graduation party, he meets Rinoa, with whom he reluctantly agrees to dance. Quistis takes Squall aside to talk after the party, and as they head back to their quarters, they hear a woman scream.

    The source of the scream was a lone woman being attacked by an insectoid creature, which the party eventually managed to defeat. Strangely, the woman addressed Squall and Quistis by name, though neither of them recalled ever having met her. Who could she be?

    Balamb Garden 2Edit

    Difficulty: 34
    Boss: Diabolos

    Now full members of SeeD, Squall and the others receive their first deployment orders, and with them, a mysterious lamp from Headmaster Cid...

    When they used the magic lamp Cid had given them, the party was plunged into darkness, and Diabolos appeared before them. The battle that ensued was no easy victory, as Diabolos wielded devastating gravity attacks. Yet at last they defeated the powerful foe, and had a new Guardian Force--Diabolos himself--for their trouble.

    Presidential TrainEdit

    Difficulty: 35
    Boss: Gerogero

    Squall and his party make their way toward Timber, site of their first assignment. Once there, they are to assist the Forest Owls resistance in abducting President Deling.

    Squall's path again crossed with Rinoa's, a member of the Forest Owls. Together they succeeded in infiltrating the president's train, but the president was not aboard: in his place was a monster mimicking his appearance. Undeterred by the false lead, Rinoa suggested a target for their next operation.

    Centra Excavation SiteEdit

    Difficulty: 34
    Boss: N/A

    In Squall's dream, Laguna and his squad scout the Esthar excavation site in Centra. They encounter heavier-than-expected defenses as they advance through the tunnels.

    Laguna's squad was cornered at the top of a cliff by Esthar troops, and Kiros and Watts had been gravely wounded. Laguna hurled his men into the sea to safety, but he faltered as he prepared to jump after them and tumbled down the cliff. When Squall awoke, he found that Zell, Selphie, and Quistis had all had the same dream, but none of them knew what it meant...

    Unknown King's TombEdit

    Difficulty: 35
    Boss: Minotaur & Sekhret

    New orders from Headmaster Cid await Squall when the party reaches Galbadia Garden. Now they must find a way into General Caraway's mansion, which leads them to the Tomb of the Unknown King.

    Passing the solder's test to enter Caraway's mansion proved easy enough, but deep within the labyrinthine Tomb of the Unknown King awaited a greater challenge: the brothers Minotaur and Sekhret, watchers of the tomb. Defeating them earned Squall and the others the Brothers Guardian Force. They then returned to Deling City, where a fateful mission awaited them.

    SPECIAL EVENT: To Slay a SorceressEdit

    Event Duration: 5:00PM 5/8/2015 PST (1:00AM 5/9/2015 UTC)

    Squall and his allies have arrived at Galbadia Garden, where Headmaster Martine hands them new orders from Cid...

    ...Orders to assassinate the sorceress ambassador of Galbadia.

    The assassination plot launches into motion with the aid of General Caraway. They will strike during the parade in Deling City, but plans have a way of going awry...

    Final Fantasy IXEdit

    M.S. Prima VistaEdit

    Difficulty: 43
    Boss: Masked Man; Steiner; Steiner; Haagen; and Weimar, Steiner and The Bomb

    Our story begins with a performance in celebration of Princess Garnet's birthday that brings Zidane, Vivi, and the princess together.

    Evil ForestEdit

    Difficulty: 44
    Boss: Prison Cage

    Garnet has been taken captive, and Zidane, Vivi, and Steiner must make their way through the Evil Forest to find her.

    Village of DaliEdit

    Difficulty: 43
    Boss: Black Waltz 2

    After escaping pursuit and passing along the slippery paths of the Ice Cavern, Garnet takes the name Dagger to concel her identity. The party arrives in the small village of Dali.

    Gizamaluk's GrottoEdit

    Difficulty: 45
    Boss: Gizamaluk

    In Lindblum, Zidane is reunited with his old friend Freya, and learns that her homeland, Burmecia, is under attack by an army of black mages.


    Difficulty: 46
    Boss: Beatrix

    The black mages have left the capital of Burmecia in ruins. Freya is furious at the destruction, and the party hurries to the palace.

    South GateEdit

    Difficulty: 66
    Boss: Black Waltz 3

    Garnet's party reunites with Marcus of Tantalus, and heads for Treno to find the cure for their petrified friend, Blank.

    Gargan RooEdit

    Difficulty: 67
    Boss: Ralvurahva

    The party enters a manse in search of the Supersoft, where they are reunited with Doctor Tot, who leads them to Gargan Roo.

    Cleyra SandpitEdit

    Difficulty: 68
    Boss: Antlion

    Hoping to avoid another disaster such as the one which befell Burmecia, Zidane's party heads to Cleyra where they find many of the Burmecian survivors have taken refuge.

    Cleyra CathedralEdit

    Difficulty: 70
    Boss: Beatrix

    Zidane's party heads down the trunk of the tree supporting Cleyra, hoping to find whatever's stopping the sandstorm. While they are gone, black mages enter the city from the Red Rose and commence their attack.

    Alexandria Castle, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 71
    Boss: Zorn and Thorn

    Steiner and Marcus cooperated to break free of their imprisonment, rejoining Zidane's party. They encountered Zorn and Thron in the castle chapel, overcoming them with their combined strength, and finally found Garnet, who was unconscious, having been stripped of her summons by Brahne's orders.

    Alexandria Castle, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 73
    Boss: Beatrix

    Zidane's party defeats Zorn and Thorn and is on its way out of the castle when Beatrix appears before them.

    Alexandria Castle, Part 3Edit

    Difficulty: 73
    Boss: Ralvuimago

    With help from Beatrix and the others, Zidane's party escape from Alexandria Castle, meeting Marcus and Blank.

    Fossil RooEdit

    Difficulty: 86
    Boss: Lani

    Learning that Kuja's lair is to be found on the Outer Continent, Zidane's party heads into the Fossil Roo, the ancient excavation that connects the continents together.

    Zidane's party was making their way past the dangerous traps along the Fossil Roo, when Brahne's assassin, Lani, appeared before them. Lani attacked, willing to take the Silver Pendant from them, even if it meant Garnet's life, but Zidane and the rest drove her off. Continuing through the Fossil Roo, the party finally arrived at the Outer Continent.

    Conde Petie Mountain PassEdit

    Difficulty: 87
    Boss: Hill Gigas

    Zidane's party has arrived in the Black Mage Village on the Outer Continent. Learning of Kuja's whereabouts, they head to the Conde Petie Mountain Pass.

    Zidane and Garnet got married so that they might pass along the Conde Petie to Sanctuary. While on the mountain path, they encountered Eiko, the girl who caused a commotion back in town during the ceremony, and they helped her get unstuck from a branch. When Eiko saw Zidane, it was love at first sight, and she offered to lead them to her own village of Madain Sari, home of the Summoners.

    The Iifa TreeEdit

    Difficulty: 91
    Boss: Soulcage

    Zidane's hunt for Kuja has brought he party to the Iifa Tree in Sanctuary. Eiko dispels the barrier around the tree, and they head inside.

    Madain SariEdit

    Difficulty: 90
    Boss: Scarlet Hair

    Taking advantage of Zidane's absence, the bounty hunter Lani has stolen a precious heirloom jewel from Madain Sari. The party hurries back to the village to help.

    Alexandria Castle, Part 4Edit

    Difficulty: 89
    Boss: Tantarian

    Brahne fell victim to her own greed, and now Garnet is set to succeed to the throne. But change is coming to Alexandria...


    Difficulty: 90
    Boss: Ark

    Zidane's party infiltrates Kuja's hideout, only to be taken captive. With his friends held hostage, Zidane reluctantly follows Kuja's orders and heads to Oeilvert.

    Desert PalaceEdit

    Difficulty: 91
    Boss: Valia Pira

    Back in the Desert Palace, Zidane's companions attempt to escape by navigating the palace's many traps.

    Mount Gulug Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 93
    Boss: Red Dragons

    Zidane's party follows Kuja's trail to Esto Gaza, but Eiko is nowhere to be found. The party next follows a tip taking them to Mount Gulug.

    Zidane's party arrived at Mount Gulug in search of Kuja and Eiko and braved its winding, trap-filled passages as they made their way inside. Following a rope down a well to the lowest level, the party was assailed by a Red Dragon. Defeating the creature, they followed the hole it had opened to go even deeper inside the mountain...

    Mount Gulug, Part 2Edit

    Boss: Zorn and Thorn; Meltigemini

    Inside Mount Gulug, Zorn and Thorn prepare to extract the eidolons from Eiko at Kuja's orders.

    Just as Zorn and Thorn were about to extract the eidolons from Eiko, Mog revealed her form as the eidolon Madeen and drove the jesters off. The party chased after Kuja, only to find their way blocked again by Zorn and Thorn, now transformed into a horrendous creature by Kuja's magic. Figting their way past, the party rescued Eiko and continued onward, where they found Cid's Queen Hilda.

    Ipsen's CastleEdit

    Difficulty: 92
    Boss: Taharka

    Having learned from Queen Hilda that Kuja comes from another world called Terra, Zidane's party travels to Ipsen's Castle in search of a means to open the way to Terra.

    Upon the party's arrival at Ipsen's Castle, Amarant challenged Zidane to a race to find the mirrors that the race, as he tried to leave he was caught in a trap. Upon being rescued by Zidane, Amarant was forced to reconsider his earlier opinion of him, and his own obsession with power. The party collected all four mirrors before leaving the castle behind.

    Shrines of IpsenEdit

    Difficulty: 93
    Boss: Earth Guardian

    Each of the four mirrors from Ipsen's Castle belongs to a corresponding elemental shrine: water, fire, wind, and earth. Zidane's party prepares to visit the four shrines.

    Taharka's final words led Zidane to the realization that they must go to each of the four elemental shrines simultaneously, so the party split into four teams of two. Zidane and Quina went to the Earth Shrine to find it protected by a guardian, as did the others at the remaining shrines. Defeating the guardians, each team placed their mirror on the shrine altar, opening the path to Terra through the Shimmering Island.

    Pandemonium, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 95
    Boss: Amdusias

    Zidane learns his true nature and attempts to defy Garland, but is brainwashed. Even as he loses his grip on himself, he is awakened by the sound of voices--his friends have found him!

    Pandemonium, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 96
    Boss: Silver Dragon

    Zidan'es party makes their way through Pandemonium, facing Garland once again. This time, Garland unleashes the Silver Dragon upon them.

    Pandemonium, Part 3Edit

    Difficulty: 97
    Boss: Garland

    Having defeated the Silver Dragon, Zidane and his party turn to Garland himself to find out what he seeks.

    Pandemonium, Part 4Edit

    Difficulty: 98
    Boss: Kuja

    Kuja descends from the Invincible to stand before Zidane's party and Garland, who is badly wounded. Kuja declares that he must destroy them all to protect Terra.

    The Iifa Tree - Open SkyEdit

    Difficulty: 97
    Boss: Nova Dragon

    The effects of Terra's destruction are felt on Gaia, as Mist rolls across the land. Zidane and his friends prepare for a final battle as they enter the portal above the Iifa Tree.

    Memoria, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 98
    Boss: Marilith

    Zidane's party make theri way through Memoria, tracing their way backwards through the planet's memories, when the Chaos guardian Marilith appears before them.

    Memoria, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 99
    Boss: Tiamat

    Defeating Marilith, Zidane's party make their way through Memoria. They reach a rift in time, where they encounter yet another guardian.

    Memoria, Part 3Edit

    Difficulty: 94
    Boss: Hades

    Zidane's party continues to explore Memoria. While investigating a rocky outcrop, an ominous voice warns them to turn back or face death.

    Memoria, Part 4Edit

    Difficulty: 96
    Boss: Kraken

    Zidane and the others ascend a staircase that leads out of the primordial sea, but their path is blocked by the Kraken, the Water Chaos.

    Memoria, Part 5Edit

    Difficulty: 98
    Boss: Lich

    When Zidane's party reaches the Gate to Space, their surroundings suddenly change, and they are set upon by another Chaos guardian.

    After defeating the Lich in battle, Zidane's party headed through the Gate to Space, reaching a point before the birth of Gaia. Zidane inquired about the nature of memory, and Garland's lingering consciousness explained that all memory is connected to a single source, just like life itself, and this can be traced back to the crystals that govern all. Leaving Zidane with a final request to defeat Kuja, Garland expressed gratitude for being granted life, and then his voice faded to nothingness.

    Final Fantasy XEdit


    Difficulty: 2
    Boss: Sinspawn Ammes

    Tidus is at the top of his game as star of the blitzball team the Zanarkand Abes. He is playing in the Jecht Memorial Cup tournament, when an immense creature attacks the city.


    Difficulty: 3
    Boss: ???

    Tidus washes into the shallows offa beach where a practice game of blitzball is in session. He meets the tea's captain, Wakka, who brings him to Besaid Village.

    S.S. LikiEdit

    Difficulty: 5
    Boss: Sinspawn Echuilles

    Wakka, the Black Mage Lulu, the Ronso Kimahri, and Tidus join Yuna on a ship for Kilika.

    Kilika WoodsEdit

    Difficulty: 37
    Boss: Lord Ochu

    It's the day after Sin's attack on Port Kilika, and now Tidus and his party make for Kilika Temple.

    The party encountered fiends left by Sin on the temple steps, but working together they defeated them. Wakka complimented Tidus on how he handled himself in battle, and for the first time Tidus considered becoming one of Yuna's Guardians. Within the temple they met the summoner Dona, who had no kind words for Yuna, but Yuna didn't rise to the bait. After passing the test within the Cloister of Trials, the party set out for Luca.


    Difficulty: 38
    Boss: Oblitzerator

    The Besaid Aurochs have arrived in Luca for a blitzball tournament. As they wait for their match to begin, Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed.

    Mi'ihen HighroadEdit

    Difficulty: 39
    Boss: Chocobo Eater

    Auron joins the party and together they make for Djose Temple. They travel along the Mi'ihen Highroad, but encounter an unexpected problem at its northern end...

    Mushroom Rock RoadEdit

    Difficulty: 60
    Boss: Sinspawn Gui

    On the Mushroom Rock Road, the Crusaders have completed preparations, and are now ready to launch Operation Mi'ihen.


    Difficulty: 60
    Boss: Extractor

    The Party leaves Djose Temple and is making their way across the Moonflow when Tidus spots ancient ruins beneath the waters, and they are attacked by Al Bhed.

    Thunder PlainsEdit

    Difficulty: 61
    Boss: Iron Giant

    Yuna and the others head for Macalania Temple, following Seymour after his sudden proposal to Yuna in Guadosalam. The party makes their way across the Thunder Plains.

    Macalania WoodsEdit

    Difficulty: 62
    Boss: Spherimorph

    On their way to Macalania Temple, Auron stops the party in Macalania Wods, taking hem to a spring in the middle of the magical forest.

    Macalania TempleEdit

    Difficulty: 64
    Boss: Seymour, Anima, & Guado Guardians

    At the temple, Yuna and Seymour are already heading for the ceremony when the party learns that Seymour was responsible for murdering his own father, and rush to tell Yuna before it's too late.

    Macalania LakeEdit

    Difficulty: 63
    Boss: Wendigo & Guado Guardians

    Labeled traitors by Tromell after killing Seymour, Tidus and the others flee the temple.

    Sanubia DesertEdit

    Difficulty: 77
    Boss: Sand Worm

    Tidus and the others awake in the burning Sanubia Desert, but Yuna is nowhere to be found. Rikku tells them she is in the Al Bhed city of Home.


    Difficulty: 79
    Boss: Evrae

    The Al Bhed have discovered Yuna's location at Bevelle, and so Tidus's party races in the airship to rescue her.

    Via Purifico MazeEdit

    Difficulty: 79
    Boss: Grothia, Pterya, * Spathi

    Tidus's party finds Yuna in the Chamber of the Fayth, but are captured by warrior monks. The party is split in two, with Yuna travelling down the Via Purifico.

    Via Purifico SewerEdit

    Difficulty: 81
    Boss: Evrae Altana

    Finding themselves in the Via Purifico Sewers, Tidus's group plan their escape.


    Difficulty: 83
    Boss: Seymour Natus & Mortibody

    Even as the party celebrates their reunion, Seymour appears, claiming he will save Spira by killing its people, and reaches out for Yuna to join him.

    Calm LandsEdit

    Difficulty: 83
    Boss: Defender X

    Tidus's party continues on their way to Zanarkand, reaching the Calm Lands, where their way is blocked by the Guado.

    Mt. Gagazet, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 88
    Boss: Biran & Yenke

    Kelk, Maester of the Ronso, awaits the party at the gate to Mt. Gagazet, but Biran and Yenke have not forgiven Kimahri for leaving the mountain.

    Mt. Gagazet, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 91
    Boss: Seymour Flux & Mortiorchis

    Tidus's party has reached the mountain pass when Seymour appears before them and says that if Yuna helps him become Sin, Jecht will be saved.

    Mt. Gagazet - CavernEdit

    Difficulty: 91
    Boss: Sanctuary Keeper

    Tidus' party reaches the top of the mountain to find the Sanctuary Keeper waiting for them.

    As they walked through the mountain pass, Tidus ran his hands over the countless Fayth embedded in the rock wall and learned that Zanarkand and all who lived there, including Tidus, are but dreams of the Fayth. When the dreaming ends, they will all fade. The Fayth then told the conflicted Tidus that they wanted him to end the dream. After defeating the Sanctuary Keeper on the peak, the party looked down on the ruins of Zanarkand. It was the end of their journey at last.

    Dome, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 93
    Boss: Spectral Keeper

    Arriving in Zanarkand, Tidus's party is told by a specter with the appearance of a monk to go to Yunalesca. The party makes for the Dome.

    Dome, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 94
    Boss: Yunalesca

    Inside the Great Hall, Yunalesca appears before the party looking as she did 1000 years ago, and tells them the truth of Yevon's teachings an the Final Aeon.

    Airship, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 94
    Boss: Left Fin, Right Fin

    Using an airship to broadcast the Hymn of the Fayth, the party lures Sin out, and the final battle against Sin begins.

    Airship, Part 3Edit

    Difficulty: 96
    Boss: Sinspawn Genais & Sin Core

    Having destroyed both of Sin's arms, Tidus's party descends onto Sin's back to finish it once and for all.

    Submerged RuinsEdit

    Difficulty: 97
    Boss: Geosgaeno

    After discovering the Submerged Ruins from the airship, Tidus is determined to exact vengeance on the creature that attacked him before. Together with Wakka and the rest of the party, he dives down to locate the lair of Geosgaeno.

    Cavern of the Stolen FaythEdit

    Difficulty: 98
    Boss: Yojimbo & Daigoro

    Tids and the others discover a cave at the bottom of a gorge while sojourning in the Calm Lands. Lulu tells them that a Fayth lies within.

    Remiem TempleEdit

    Difficulty: 99
    Boss: Magus Sisters (Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy)

    Tidus's party continues to explore the Calm Lands, now mounted on chocobos. They discover a temple in an area they were unable to access before.

    Airship, Part 4Edit

    Difficulty: 98
    Boss: Sin

    Sin is reborn, and ascends into the sky above Bevelle. Tidus's party prepares to launch a frontal assault against the creature.

    Tidus brought the airship up to face Sin in combat. The party pelted the beast with relentless attacks, until it finally opened its great maw. Seeing their chance, Tidus's party piloted the airship into Sin, but they sensed the presence of Seymour within.

    Within SinEdit

    Difficulty: 99
    Boss: Seymour Omnis

    The party is confronted by Seymour, who allowed himself to be absorbed by Sin in the hope he could control it from within. Taking on a monstrous form, Seymour closes in for the attack.

    Seymour claimed the party had no hope of destroying Sin now they had defeated Yunalesca, but Tidus refused to back down. Seymour mocked the futility of their attempt to stop him, but they emerged victorious nonetheless, after a heated battle against the creature he had become. As Yuna began the ritual to send him to the Farplane, Seymour declared that Spira's woes would not be undone by his defeat, and Tidus vowed to finish off Sin once and for all.

    Final Fantasy X-2Edit

    Chateau LeblancEdit

    Difficulty: 84
    Boss: Leblanc, Ormi, & Logos

    Yuna and her companions manage to infiltrate Chateau Leblanc, but their cover is soon blwn. Though facing heavy resistance, they manage to locate the stolen sphere fragment.

    Yuna's party located the sphere, only to be set upon by Leblanc, Ormi, and Logos. The party emerged victorious, and joined the two sphere halves together. The repaired sphere showed images of Vegnagun, a colossal weapon that lay dormant beneath the city of Bevelle. Leblanc claimed she had ben tasked with destroying Vegnagun by Youth Alliance leader Nooj. She suggested that the party aid her in dismantling the weapon, proclaiming the new coalition before they had a chance to answer.

    Final Fantasy XIEdit

    Final Fantasy XI is not currently featured in the game. Given its existence as an MMORPG, it is highly unlikely to ever appear.

    Final Fantasy XIIEdit

    Nalbina FortressEdit

    Difficulty: 43
    Boss: Air Cutter Remora

    Vaan's brother Reks is part of the team trying to stop the assassination set to take place at the signing of Dalmasca's surrender to Archadia.

    Garamsythe WaterwayEdit

    Difficulty: 44
    Boss: Flan x4; Firemane

    Vaan has snuck into Rabanastre Palace, where he meets a dashing man and his viera [[Fran (Final Fantasy XII)|partner]. The two help Vaan escape on their airbike before careening down to a crash landing in the Garamsythe Waterway.

    Nalbina DungeonsEdit

    Difficulty: 44
    Boss: Daguza, Gwitch, & Galeedo

    Vaan awakens in the Nalbina Dungeons, where he intervenes to stop the jailur [[Daguza] and his lackeys from abusing a bangaa prisoner.

    Barheim PassageEdit

    Difficulty: 45
    Boss: Mimic Queen

    The cage lands in the Barheim Passage, a monster-infested network of tunnels. Basch joins the party as they make their way back to the surface.

    Llusu MinesEdit

    Difficulty: 46
    Boss: Ba'Gamnan, Bwagi, Rinok, & Gijuk

    The party heads for the Llusu Mines to rescue Penelo, who has been taken prisoner by Ba'Gamnan and his cronies.

    Dreadnought LeviathanEdit

    Difficulty: 84
    Boss: Judge x2; Judge Ghis & Imperial soldiers x3

    To save Penelo and Amalia, Vaan and the others allow themselves to be captured by Imperial troops and taken aboard the Dreadnought Leviathan.

    Tomb of the Raithwall, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 84
    Boss: Garuda

    No longer able to prove Ashe's claim to the throne with the Dusk Shard, the party heads for the Yensa Sandsea in search of the Dawn Shard.

    Tomb of the Raithwall, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 86
    Boss: Demon Wall (Near)

    Ashe and the others have rejoined Vossler in the Sandsea and arrived at the Tomb of Raithwall.

    Tomb of the Raithwall, Part 3Edit

    Difficulty: 86
    Boss: Demon Wall (Far)

    Ashe's party manages to defeat the Demon Wall and head further into the tomb, reaching the Hall of the Sentinel.

    Tomb of the Raithwall, Part 4Edit

    Difficulty: 88
    Boss: Belias

    Making their way past various traps within the tomb, Ashe's party reaches the lowest level where the final guardian, Belias, awaits.

    Light Cruiser ShivaEdit

    Difficulty: 90
    Boss: Vossler & Imperial Swordsmen

    Ashe and the others are taken back to the Leviathan where, thanks to Vossler's treachery, Judge Ghis takes the Dawn Shard.

    Judge Ghis's test of the Dawn Shard's power unleashed the Mist within the nethicite, driving ran into a Mist-frenzy that enabled Ashe and the others to escape. Defeating Vossler, they escaped the Shiva and the Mist explosion that claimed the Dreadnought Leviathan. They then retrieved the now-depleted shard.

    Henne MinesEdit

    Difficulty: 92
    Boss: Tiamat

    Vaan's party visits Fran's homeland, where they learn that Fran's younger sister, Mjrn, is missing. The party leaves for the Henne Mines to search for her.

    In the mines, Fran and the others found Mjrn seemingly possessed, when they were attacked by Tiamat. After the battle, a piece of magicite Mjrn held fell from her hand and broke, and she regained her senses. The party learned that she had bee used by the Empire as a test subject for their manufacted [sic] nethicite. Still, this first-hand knowledge of nethicite's danger was not enough to dissuade Ashe from her own desire for its power.

    Golmore JungleEdit

    Difficulty: 96
    Boss: Elder Wyrm & Treants x2

    Using Lente's Tear, Vaan's party passes through the barriers of the wood, and continues on their way through the Golmore Jungle.

    Stilshrine of Miriam, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 96
    Boss: Vinuskar

    After her audience with the Gran Kiltias on Mt. Bur-Omisace, Ashe continues her search, heading toward the Stilshrine of Miriam where the Sword of Kings with the power to destroy nethicite is said to lie.

    Stilshrine of Miriam, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 98
    Boss: Mateus & Ice Azers x3

    In search of the Sword of Kings with the power to destroy nethicite, Ashe and the others fight their way through the Stilshrine of Miriam.

    In the Stilshrine of Miriam, Ashe claimed the Sword of Kings. Vaan suggested that they try it on the Dawn Shard, to see if it truly could destroy nethicite, but when Ashe approached the shard, Mist surged around her, and a phantasm of Rassler appeared, motioning as if to stop her. Ashe swung the sword, but missed the shard. It was Balthier who realized that, in Ashe's heart of hearts, she could not bear to lose the nethicite.

    Mt. Bur-OmisaceEdit

    Difficulty: 101
    Boss: Judge Bergan & Judges x3

    As Vaan and the others emerge from the Stilshrine, Sword of Kings in hand, they see the Imperial armada cross overhead. Mt. Bur-Omisace is under attack!

    Vaan and the others hurried back to Mt. Bur-Omisace, but arrived too late the save the Gran Kiltias Anastasis from Judge Bergan. Bergan attacked the heroes, but was beaten back until he was no longer able to withstand the Mist boiling from the manufacted nethicite inside him. After the fight, Al-Cid suggests that Ashe flee to Rozarria, but she chooses to head toward the Empire instead, knowing that they must destroy Vayne's nethicite.

    The SalikawoodEdit

    Difficulty: 94
    Boss: King Bomb & Bombs x2 (can be regenerated)

    Ashe's party chase after Vayne and the nethicite he carries. To avoid the eyes of the imperials, they keep to the ground, passing through the Salikawood.

    Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

    The Hanging EdgeEdit

    Difficulty: 32
    Boss: Manasvin Warmech

    Under rule of the Sanctum, the people of Cocoon knew peace and prosperity. The story of this realm begins as a train carrying Lightning speeds towards the Hanging Edge...

    Lightning's assault derailed the train, plunging everything around her into chaos. She and Sazh battled their way through Sanctum forces towards the center of the battlefield, defeating the unrelenting Manasvin Warmech along the way. Sazh had thought Lightning was one of the Sanctum soldiers, leaving him puzzled why she would oppose the Purge. She quipped that she wasn't a soldier anymore, and pressed onward...

    Lake Bresha, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 33
    Boss: Garuda Interceptor

    Lightning and her party have fallen to Lake Bresha, a body of water turned to crystal by the magic of the fal'Cie Anima. Now branded l'Cie, they flee from their PSICOM pursuers.

    Lightning and the others were shocked by the l'Cie brands that had appeared on them. As they fell from the Pulse Vestige, they saw a vision of Ragnarok attacking Cocoon, which Snow took as a sign they must defend it. Lightning refused to believe this, and accused Snow of siding with the fal'Cie that turned Serah to crystal. They later discovered Serah's crystal, and Snow decided to stay by her side and hold off the incoming PSICOM forces while Lightning and the rest pressed on.

    Lake Bresha, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 33
    Boss: Nix and Stiria

    Unable to abandon Serah's crystal, Snow finds himself surrounded by PSICOM forces. As they close in, his l'Cie brand blazes with light...

    As the light from Snow's l'Cie brand faded, the Shiva sisters appeared and laid waste to the PSICOM soldiers. They then turned their attention on Snow, sensing the doubt in him and wishing to test the worthiness of the one who had summoned them. Snow withstood their onslaught, and claimed their power as his own. Exhausted by the battle, he was approached by a mysterious l'Cie woman who ordered her troops to take him captive.

    The Vile Peaks, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 34
    Boss: Dreadnought, Dreadnought

    Though Lightning and her companions had managed to escape aboard an airship, their victory is short-lived, as PSICOM shoots them down over the Vile Peaks. Undaunted, Lightning and her companions press on...

    There was a rift in Lightning's party and they split into two groups. Hope was amazed to learn that Lightning risked her life to save her sister Serah by boarding a Purge train. Tired of babysitting Hope, Lightning left him behind, though he soon met up with Sazh and Vanille. They eventually caught up with Lightning, but were thrown into combat against Dreadnought, a Pulse automata. They emerged victorious, but Sazh and Vanille chose to withdraw, while Lightning and Hope continued their journey.

    The Vile Peaks, Part 2 Edit

    Difficulty: 35
    Boss: Odin

    As Lightning and Hope move forward, Lightning grows increasingly convinced that Hope is only slowing her down, and in her anger she summons Odin...

    Together, Lightning and Hope defeated Odin, and after the battle Lightning noticed her l'Cie brand had changed. Lightning apologized to Hope for getting angry at him, and allowed him to stay with her on her journey. Meanwhile Snow was still being held captive by the l'Cie Fang and the Cavalry, where he learned of the plan to execute the Pulse l'Cie.

    Gapra WhitewoodEdit

    Difficulty: 41
    Boss: Aster Protoflorian

    As they make their way though the military's Ecological Research Zone, Lightning helps her companion Hope navigate his conflicted emotions.

    Sunleth WaterscapeEdit

    Difficulty: 42
    Boss: Enki & Enlil

    Sazh and Vanille split from Lightning and flee through an uninhabited valley.

    Palumpolum, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 48
    Boss: Ushumgal Subjugator

    Learning that l'Cie are hiding in the city of Palumpolum, Sanctum forces have called martial law into effect. Lightning's party lay low, preparing to infiltrate the capitol, Eden.

    Palumpolum, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 49
    Boss: Ushumgal Subjugator; Havoc Skytank

    Lightning is reassured after learning that Fang and Vanille awoke in Cocoon after being in crystal stasis for centuries. They move to regroup at the Estheim Residence.

    Nautilus Park, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 72
    Boss: Midlight Reaper

    Thoughts of his son Dajh weigh heavily on Sazh's heart as he and Vanille arrive at Nautilus. Sazh realizes that preventing Dajh from becoming a Cie'th may mean that Sazh himself, as a Pulse l'Cie, has to die.

    Nautilus Park, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 74
    Boss: Brynhildr

    As Sazh despairs, PSICOM commander Nabaat reveals that Vanille was responsible for the Euride Gorge incident which led t Dajh becoming a l'Cie.

    The Palamecia, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 80
    Boss: Kalavinka Striker; Kalavinka Striker

    Sazh and Vanille have been sentenced to death. Lightning's party organizes a rescue mission, planning to confront Primarch Dysley aboard the Palamecia.

    The Palamecia, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 82
    Boss: Barthandelus

    Beyond all odds, Lightning and her friends are reunited and together they go to face Primarch Dysley.

    Fifth Ark, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 91
    Boss: Pulsework Knights x5

    Lightning's party manages to escape the Palamecia, finding themselves in an ancient structure hidden within Eden--the Fifth Ark.

    Fifth Ark, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 92
    Boss: Cid Raines

    Cid Raines appears before Lightning's party as they make their way through the Fifth Ark. He has decided to defy his Focus, and follow his heart instead.

    Fifth Ark, Part 3Edit

    Difficulty: 94
    Boss: Bahamut

    Defying their Focuses as l'Cie, Lightning and the others attempt to change their fate--but in her struggle to accept her friends' decision, Fang unwittingly summons Bahamut.

    Vallis MediaEdit

    Difficulty: 96
    Boss: Alexander

    Lightning's party makes their way through the world of Gran Pulse, with its ferocious monsters that loom at every turn.

    Yaschas Massif, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 95
    Boss: Svarog; Hybrid Flora x2

    Looking for some way to escape her destiny, Lightning and Vanille make for Fang's hometown of Oerba. But to go to Oerba, they will have to pass through the mountains of the Yaschas Massif.

    Yaschas Massif, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 96
    Boss: Nelapsi & Taxim x2

    Lightning's party is heading through the Yaschas Massif toward the Paddraean Archaeopolis when they arrive at the Pass of Paddra.

    The Archylte Steppe, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 95
    Boss: Cactuar

    The Vallis Media behind them, Lightning's party find themselves before a vast plain: the Archylte Steppe. They set out across the steppe, heading for Oerba.

    As they crossed the Archylte Steppe, Lightning's party spied a Cactuar who ran ahead of them, taunting them. Catching up to the Cactuar, they defeated it, and continued their fight across the steppe.

    The Archylte Steppe, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 97
    Boss: Behemoth King

    Lightning's party traverses the Archylte Steppe toward Oerba. Near the Mah'habara Subterra, they encounter the Behemoth King.

    Lightning's party ran into the Behemoth King just before reaching the Mah'habara Subterra. Though their massive foe hit hard, the heroes emerged victorious and left the steppe behind them.

    Mah'habara, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 96
    Boss: Juggernaut

    On their way to Vanille and Fang's hometown of Oerba in search of a way to escape their Focus, Lightning's party enters the Mah'habara Subterra.

    Mah'habara, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 98
    Boss: Hecatoncheir

    Fang lies to Vanille to protect her and learn the truth, when Vanille's Eidolon, Hecatoncheir, appears.

    Sulyya SpringsEdit

    Difficulty: 97
    Boss: Orobon & Ceratoraptor

    Vanille and the others used the fal'Cie Atomos to help them escape the Mah'habara Subterra. Now they make for the Sulyya Springs on their way to Oerba.

    Taejin's Tower, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 99
    Boss: Vetala

    Seeing Taejin's Tower before them, Vanille reminds the party that just beyond the tower lies Oerba. The party enters the massive tower.

    Taejin's Tower, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 101
    Boss: Dahaka

    Lightning's party makes their way through Taejin's Tower, defeating and defusing the tower's attempts to stop them. Boarding an elevator, they now reach the uppermost level.

    After defeating the fal'Cie Dahaka on the uppermost level of Taejin's Tower, Lightning's party was finally on their way to Oerba. But when they arrived, they found not the landscape of Vanille and Fang's memories, but a bleached-white waste. They descended toward the village to see what had become of their home with their own eyes.

    Oerba, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 98
    Boss: Seeker x3 & Chonchon x2

    Arriving at Oerba, Lightning's party searches the village ruins for a way to remove their l'Cie brands.

    Oerba, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 101
    Boss: Barthandelus

    Lightning's party continue their search through Oerba, encountering Dysley in the guise of Serah on the old rail bridge.

    Eden, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 99
    Boss: Anavatapta Warmech

    The party arrive at the celebrations for Cid Raines' ascension to Primarch. As Lightning races to put a stop to Dysley's scheme, she encounters the Anavatapta Warmech.

    Eden, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 99
    Boss: Proudclad

    As they move through the city, Lightning and the others run into Rosch. Though both seek to prevent the destruction, a confrontation between Rosch and the l'Cie seems inevitable.

    Eden, Part 3Edit

    Difficulty: 99
    Boss: Adamanchelid

    After exiting the Bridge Pier Elevator, Snow and the others encounter a stranded soldier who has been cornered by an Adamanchelid.

    Eden, Part 4Edit

    Difficulty: 99
    Boss: Proudclad

    The party finds the disabled Proudclad at Edenhall. Rosch thirsts for revenge, however, and finds a way to reactivate it.

    Orphan's Cradle, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 99
    Boss: Jabberwocky and Bandersnatch

    Lightning and the others are called to Orphan's Cradle, a place governed by the fal'Cie Eden. The venture inside, and come across a white fal'Cie statue.







    Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

    New Bodhum 003 AF, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 33
    Boss: Gogmagog

    Serah dreams of seeing her sister Lightning fighting in a strange world. Then a meteorite hits New Bodhum, and the town is suddenly overrun with monsters.

    New Bodhum 003 AF, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 35
    Boss: Gogmagog

    Noel says that Lightning is in an alternate dimension called Valhalla. Serah heads to the gate that leads there after gathering the artefact needed to activate it.

    Bresha Ruins 005 AF, Part 1Edit

    Difficulty: 37
    Boss: Paradox Alpha

    Traversing the Historia Crux, Serah and the others find themselves inside Cocoon. As they start to explore, the Paradox Alpha attacks.

    Bresha Ruins 005 AF, Part 2Edit

    Difficulty: 42
    Boss: Atlas

    Serah and Noel surmise that the device found at the ruins holds some kind of power over Atlas. They use it to weaken the massive construct before launching an attack.

    Yaschas Massif 010 AFEdit

    Difficulty: 47
    Boss: Aloeidai

    Serah and her companions arrive at Yaschas Massif, which is shrouded in darkness due to the paradox. Upon reaching the Academy research facility there, they are ambushed by Aloeidai.





    Final Fantasy XIVEdit

    The Bowl of EmbersEdit

    Difficulty: 110
    Boss: Ifrit

    Our heroes have met Minifilia, antecedent of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and agreed to join their number. As they investigate an incident near Ul'dah, they encounter a primal.

    While following up on the incident, our heroes were taken captive by the perpetrators, where they learn they are to be given by the Amalj'aa to the primal Ifrit. Defeating Ifrit, our heroes were successful in freeing everyone else who had been captured by the Amalj'aa. The incident, then, was somehow related to the summoning of the primal. Our heroes went on to tackle the primal problem as members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

    Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

    Orbonne MonasteryEdit

    Difficulty: 23
    Boss: Knights (x2), Archers (x2), & Chemists (x2)

    Ivalice, a land ruled by lions of black and white. Here, a quest for truth begins, following the paths taken by the young knights who were caught up in the War of the Lions.

    Magick City of GarilandEdit

    Difficulty: 27
    Boss: Squires

    One year before the attack on Orbonne Monastery, Ramza and Delita, as candidates for officers in the Order of the Northern Sky, were assigned to deal with a local band of bandits.

    Mandalia PlainEdit

    Difficulty: 23
    Boss: Thieves & Squires (2 Squires + 1 Thief, fought twice in a row)

    Ramza's forces advance to Mandalia Plain in pursuit of the Corpse Brigade, where Delita finds them attacking a solitary swordsman.

    Dorter SlumsEdit

    Difficulty: 27
    Boss: Knight, Archers, & Black Mages

    • Wave 1: Archer x1, Knight x1, Black Mage x1
    • Wave 2: Archer x2, Black Mage x1

    With no word on the whereabouts of marquis, Ramza and his men take the investigation into their own hands and head to Dorter.

    The Sand Rat's SietchEdit

    Difficulty: 33
    Boss: Knights, Monks, & Archer

    • Wave 1: Knight x2, Monk x1
    • Wave 2: Knight x1, Archer x1, Monk x1

    In pursuit of Wiegraf and Gustav, Ramza's party enter the Sand Rat's Sietch.

    Brigands' DenEdit

    Difficulty: 39
    Boss: Milleuda, White Mages, & Thieves

    Ramza's party takes their battle against the Corpse Brigade all the way to the Brigands' Den.

    Lenalian PlateauEdit

    Difficulty: 46
    Boss: Milleuda, Black Mages, Knight, & Time Mage

    In order to rescue Tietra, the party makes their way across the Lenalian Plateau toward the Corpse Brigade's main stronghold, Ziekden Fortress. There, once again, they encounter Milleuda, and the battle is joined.

    Windflat MillEdit

    Difficulty: 52
    Boss: Wiegraf, Knight, Monks, & Chocobo

    After defeating Milleuda, Ramza's forces set off for Ziekden Fortress to find Tietra. Along the way they are confronted by Wiegraf, leader of the Corpse Brigade.

    Milleuda was sister to Wiegraf, and he was prepared to lay his life on the line to avenge her. Though Ramza sought a peaceful resolution, Wiegraf would not listen, calling him naive. He claimed it was Ramza's brother Dycedarg who had ordered the kidnapping of Marquis Elmdore. As the tide of battle turned in Ramza's favor, Wiegraf told him to find out the truth for himself, then stole away. With the battle at an end, the party hurried to Windflat Mill, but Tietra was nowhere to be found.

    Ziekden FortressEdit

    Difficulty: 59
    Boss: Argath & Black Mages

    Ramza and the others arrive at Ziekden Fortress, only to find it besieged by Ramza's brother Zalbaag. Gragoroth threatens to slay the captive Tietra unless the aggressors leave.

    Gragoroth was holding Tietra hostage, and threatening to detonate the gunpowder stores within unless the invaders withdrew, but Zalbaag ordered Argath to fire anyway, mortally wounding both Tietra and Gragoroth. Enraged, Delita took up arms against Argath, and Ramza also joined the fray, having lost all trust in his brother Dycedarg. A pitched battle ensued, and in the end Argath was bested by the party. Moments later, the fortress was destroyed by gunpowder that Gragoroth had ignited. Delita was last seen disappearing into a cloud of dust and smoke, cradling Tietra's lifeless form.

    Merchant City of DorterEdit

    Difficulty: 65
    Boss: Archers, Black Mages, & Thieves

    Ramza breaks from the Order of the Northern Sky and flees, taking on the mantle of a mercenary. The story returns to the present day, where Agrias and the others are pursuing Delita, who has kidnapped the princess.

    Zeirchele FallsEdit

    Difficulty: 72
    Boss: Gaffgarion & Knights

    At Zeirchele Falls Agrias's party stumbles upon Delita quarreling with a knight of the Order of the Northern Sky. The knight orders Gaffgarion to dispose of Agrias and the others.

    The Castled City of ZalandEdit

    Difficulty: 78
    Boss: Knights, Archers, & Black Mages

    Ramza's party arrives at the Castled City of Zaland, where Agrias spots a young man fleeing from pursuers. The party draws steel in order to save him.

    Goug LowtownEdit

    Difficulty: 84
    Boss: Archers, Sumoners, & Thieves

    Leaving the princess and Agrias at Lionel Castle, Ramza and the others seek out the auracite at the cardinal's behest. However, Mustadio falls into the hands of the Baert Trading Company.

    Golgollada GallowsEdit

    Difficulty: 91
    Boss: Gaffgarion, Knight, & Time Mage

    Agrias flees the castle, and Ramza runs into her on the highroad. Together they hurry to the Golgollada Gallows, where they hear the captured princess is due to be executed.

    Lionel Castle - GateEdit

    Difficulty: 95
    Boss: Gaffgarion, Knights, Archer, & Summoner

    Ramza and the others reach Lionel Castle, but as they are about to enter they are stopped in their tracks by a familiar voice.

    As Ramza prepared to open the castle gate, his path was once again blocked by Gaffgarion, whose forces quickly surrounded the party in an ambush. During the battle that followed Ramza dealt a decisive blow to Gaffgarion, and bade farewell to his former ally. He then proceeded into the castle to save Princess Ovelia.

    Lionel Castle - OratoryEdit

    Difficulty: 96
    Boss: Cúchulainn

    Ramza's party locate Cardinal Delacroix, who claims the princess has already left to take her place on the throne. The cardinal invokes the power of the auracite and transforms into an aberration.

    The party was set upon by Cardinal Delacroix, whom the auracite had transformed into Cúchulainn, the Impure. Ramza could not fathom why the auracite, which he thought existed to eradicate the forces of evil, had turned the cardinal into such a monstrous creature. Claiming this to be the power of the Lucavi that once ruled the world, the cardinal marveled at the godlike power now at his disposal. Ramza and the others eventually bested Cúchulainn in battle, and he was sealed within the stone again, lamenting that he met his demise before his master could return.

    The Mining Town of GollundEdit

    Difficulty: 95
    Boss: Chemists, Thieves, & Orator

    • Wave 1: Chemist, Thief, Orator
    • Wave 2: Chemist x1, Thief x2

    Ramza makes for the Royal City of Lesalia to tell Zalbaag someone is kindling the flames of war. Along the way, he stumbles upon a young man surrounded by brigands.

    Final Fantasy Type-0Edit


    Difficulty: 38
    Boss: Dáinsleif

    Members of the legendary Class Zero arrive at Akademeia just in time to save it from falling to the enemy. Together they set off to destroy the crystal jammer weapon developed by the Milites Empire.


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