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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies is an adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS released by Capcom on October 24th 2013. It is the fifth game in the Phoenix Wright series and is rated M.


Dual Destinies continues the style of gameplay from previous installments, in which the player must utilize evidence and find contradictions in witness statements to prove their client innocent. Like previous installments, gameplay is split up between Investigations, in which players find evidence and question witnesses, and Trials, where they must use the evidence to expose contradictions. The game now features full 3D graphics and character models, allowing more dynamic camera angles during gameplay, such as quickly panning around the courtroom in the moments before a dramatic reveal. The 3D camera also allows investigation sequences to take place in 3D spaces, permitting greater investigative depth, such as being able to rotate around a room to look for clues.

In addition to returning mechanics, such as the "Psyche-Lock", where the player must present evidence to witnesses in order to unlock secrets hidden within their hearts, and the "Perceive System", which allows the player to detect a witness' nervous habits, Dual Destinies features a new gameplay system called the "Mood Matrix", which gives the player the ability to gauge the emotions of a witness, such as tones of anger when mentioning certain topics.  If the player notices a contradictory emotional response during testimony, they can point out the discrepancy and press the witness for more information. Other times, where an excessive emotions overrides the system, players must try to probe the source of the emotion. Dual Destinies also introduces "Revisualization", which functions similarly to the "Logic" feature used in the Ace Attorney Investigations series.The player is able to review vital facts throughout the trial and form links between pieces of evidence to reach new conclusions.The game includes a new backlog function, allowing the player to review previous dialogue, and downloadable content such as an additional episode and downloadable costumes. It also features a note system during investigations listing what the player must do to proceed as

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well as a basic overview of the case's facts. A "consult" system during cross-examinations is also introduced, where many misplaced objections during the same testimony will result in the option for the player to ask their partner for advice as to where to present evidence or press a statement.


  • First Pheonix Wright game to get a M rating from the ESRB
  • It was released in Japan a couple of months earlier in retail
  • Only Japan recieved a Collectors Edition for the game


The game recieved a Metacritic average of 83 and recieved average scores from 7-8 out of 10 from numerous critics.

Capcom says the game sold it's projected sales margin and broke even.