• I remember you telling me that you have\had internet problems in the past so if that is still occuring, I will tell you what happened during the VGX like what was announced what won etc.

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    • Oh yeah, I've not heard anything about the VGX whatsoever. '-'

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    • It's not gonna be like the regular SPIKE Video Game Awards with product placement and awkward celebrity cameos; instead it's gonna be in-depth and live streamed and not fully broadcasted on TV due to its 3 hour runtime

      Possible Announcements Include:

      2 new Square Enix games (Probably the new Tomb Raider,Hitman,Sleeping Dogs or Dues Ex)

      An "upcoming" Wii U game (have no idea what this is could be a new IP and if so taht would be freaking awesome then again it might be Metroid

      The Division

      Witcher 3

      and some other stuff that I can't remember. Also maybe Fallout 4 too.

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    • Fallout 4,Uncharted 4, and Mass Effect 4 were not revealed however 

      VGX Announcements: 1. Agents Of Storm: A new tower-defense title from Remedy for the iOS being released next month!! 2. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition: A re-created nextgen port of the Tomb Taider reboot also set to come out next month!! 3. Tales From The Borderlands:A new Telltale adventure comprised in the Borderlands Universe!! 4. Game Of Thrones: Another new Telltale game in Westoros!! 5. No Mans Sky: Lastly the biggest surprise of the evening was No Mans Sky a new space exploration game made by only 4 people!! Due to the size and the scope of the game I wouldn't be surprised if this comes out in 2016. 

      I copied this btw As you can see not that many big announcements. GTA V won GOTY and Gone Home won best PC and indie game. Naughty Dog won studio of the year.

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    • Haha, not a fan of Metroid?

      Telltale's always been a good gaming company and sounds like No Man's Sky is right up my alley!  I attempt to develop space exploration game(s) myself but I'm only one individual person, haha.  Been actually trying to found my own Alaska-based game company.  This state definitely needs one.

      They didn't announce Mass Effect 4, though, eh?  That's unfortunate—I'm a big fan of that particular series.  Its multiplayer is my major reason for wanting to get Xbox LIVE back... I miss my Geth Hunter! XD

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    • Never said I wasn't a fan of Metroid just would prefer a new IP from Nintendo cause that hasn't happened in ages. No hard feelings though.

      About your game company: Seriously?! That's awesome dude! I've actually got some ideas for games (because I want to become a creative director in the future) but most of them are Triple A type of games, not indie things. Maybe I can come up with something though! Got one idea today but I don't think it's that good for a full-fledged game. Could be improved upon.

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