• I'm back again. Sorry for not editing and kind of leaving you be for the last few weeks but I should be active within the next month. Got a lot of stress off of me and now I'm relaxed and can do personal interests

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    • Hey!  No problem.  I've obviously been trying to work on the Final Fantasy XIII series lately; got the ENTIRE story for XIII-1 down.  Still have most of the characters and all of the games' enemies to add, though.  Currently working through XIII-2 and since XIII-3 came out today I will probably work on that as a follow-up.  The story recaps for XIII-2 seem different than for the original so it will likely be much harder to add the whole synopsis on here as it appears to be all based on cutscenes instead of text.  The time portals have info I can read and add in, however, at the very least.

      Been playing any good games lately?  Don't know if you have an Android phone or anything, but Nimble Quest is pretty fun, and free.

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    • Great! XIII-2 is actually one of the first role playing games I've played. Rented it at Blockbuster because I planned to do a game commentary series like a total idiot (I was 12 at the time you cant blame me lol) I actually liked most of the mechanics but the story was goofballs to me and I couldn't get past the beggining because my save corrupted.

      I've been pretty much sticking to PS4 and WiiU lately (planning to get a new game with my saved up cash unfortuneately Gamestop is overpriced) Lego:Marvel Superheroes is a blast to play with my younger brother but most of all I'm just playing Super Mario 3D World.

      Also planning to get a Retro Duo Portable. It's a portable system that plays Nes\Snes and can hook up to your TV. I want to get into all generations of gaming but the problem about this is that these things get bidded like crazy on Ebay hard not to get one that's overpriced.

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    • XIII-2 is definitely great.  And in all honesty, I might be doing game commentary soon myself with my couch co-op friend haha... primarily because he is essentially begging me to.  That Retro Duo Portable sounds like something I need!  You sound like you are growing into a kid after my own heart, as I have been a console collector since childhood myself!

      I have my Android phone of course, but also a Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360; Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy SP, Game Boy DS, NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, and Wii; Sega Game Gear, Genesis, Sega CD, Dreamcast; as well as a Sony PlayStation, PS2 and PS4.  I am also planning on buying a 3DS soon and am looking into finally purchasing a PS3.  There is also a Wii U for sale in this town that if my friend doesn't purchase, I will. :D

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    • That would be great! If it's really good I would definitely mention it to friends and a gaming account that I have on Instagram that has 400+ followers in which I tell what gets released that day. Not saying that you should create an Instagram but I was just running out of uses for mine and started something new that has been going pretty well!

      Also I traded The Lego Movie Game for the Playstation 4 (hated that game was crap but thankfully I payed it with a giftcard) for a couple of Blu-Rays. I feel as if I should have gotten a Game Boy Advance instead as I need one but I would like an Advance SP better. 

      Got two GameBoy games aswell. One horribly liscensed Ren & Stimpy game and another liscensed game but kind of addicting and hard. Reminscent of Dark Souls for me.

      I would get the 3DS in a heartbeat. The WiiU is great and all but doesn't have that many games though I'm sure Mario Kart 7 will change that and I would only get a Playstation 3 if you wanna play some JRPGs you missed out on.

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    • Oh yeah? Awesome!  I bet my friend would love that too, haha.

      Oh yeah? Dark Souls is awesome just for going back to the unforgiving challenge of the old NES/Arcade games of the past. What was the name of that game you got?

      In my case, I really would want the PS3 for inFamous (which my cousin Woody did the environments for) and maybe Resistance, as that seemed interesting and I am the major contributor to Alien Species Wiki. I will absolutely need to get the WiiU... but not until the next Metroid or Legend of Zelda game comes out haha.

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    • The WiiU decison makes sense. Definitely what I would do. The GameBoy game is Hudson Hawk, It's fairly cheap (about 4 bucks) and is one of the better liscensed GameBoy games out there.

      I remember you told me about Woody a year ago. Pretty cool that he worked on Forza 5. Can he tell me if Forza Horizon 2 is in the works? Just Kidding. lol

      Resistance is pretty good but the other two are not so great (from what I have heard) makes me lose hope for that Sunset Overdrive game for the Xbone. Might get one just for that.

      P.S.:Just tell me the name of the game commentary channel when you start it. I'll definitely shout it out.

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    • Oh hey, I remember the Hudson Hawk movie.  Didn't know they licensed a video game for it.  Great to hear that the game is pretty good!

      It's crazy to think I've been on this wiki a year already.  Haha, well I COULD technically ask him if he knows anything that is going on with Forza Horizon 2, though it's entirely possible that any info is still a company secret in which case he may or may not inform me about it (on some occasions he's shared info with me and other times he has kept it to himself). :P

      Too bad about the other two Resistances, I love great trilogies.  Xbone?  That's the first time I've seen it typed that way haha.  I still refer to it as the 720, myself.  I haven't heard of Sunset Overdrive yet.

      My friend is pretty excited to possibly have an immediate fanbase.  We will work on a series name and collecting the tools to film it all.

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    • Good thing your excited. I swear this isn't a hoax! I'll probably link you to the page once I shout it out. 

      Sunset Overdrive is a new IP announced at last years E3. It's a co-op third person shooter in a colorful vibrant city attacked by aliens. Kind of reminds me of Fortnite. Unfortunately there hasn't been much news about it.

      I was joking about the Forza Horizon 2 thing. I would still be cool though as it would be a good way for my account to get even more attention which helps your plug on my account get even more attention, however I'm not sure how I'm gonna verify it and make people believe it.

      P.S. I think theres a Haudgepauge Game Recorder that records from Nes all the way to 7th gen. Don't know what it's called though. It's used by a popular web show I watch called Game Grumps maybe you can find something out about it by googling it with that keyword.

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    • Oh man, aliens??  Aliens is my major selling point!  Fortnite I have also never heard about. O.O

      Yeah, that's true.  And depending how hush-hush they are about the game, he would need to give info as "an anonymous source", which wouldn't help any.

      Oh that sounds interesting, I will definitely have to check it out... here on Tuesday.  I wrecked my laptop so have to buy a new one and my access to a computer that I am using right now is at work.  And this is my Friday, haha.  Soon, though!  SOON.

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    • That sucks. What happened to your laptop? I actually dropped my Wii U once while putting it in a carrying case. Some how it survived. It landed on the eject button and only caused a few scratches. Thank god. Speaking of scratches those Playstation 4 controllers are industructible. Not only are they super comfortable but I've dropped them when they are connected to the console and they don't even leave a scratch!

      It doesn't matter if I say it's an anoynmous source. Some guy on Neogaf claimed he knew info about the next Assassins Creed and if the leaked photos are actually true he's right! So if they are actually making it that would be pretty cool if I pinpoint it thanks to you.

      Im not even sure if Sunset Overdrive is aliens sadly. They havent really stated anything about the game which is pretty weird since they announced it about a year ago. Same thing that happened to Fortnite(it was developed by Epic btw)

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    • Well, you see there used to be a time when a person would have electronics malfunction in the screen area and you would tap it and it would generally recover.  Apparently, even a light tap on modern screens causes it to shatter irreparably.  And I mean a LIGHT tap, not light by comparison.

      Man, that's good about the WiiU.  I don't have one yet but those things are pretty expensive to decimate!  Speaking of PS4, I have to go pick up Second Son here in a few days despite being broke.  Gamestop sucks and won't take a note for my last 4 soc. so I can call in to have someone without my same last name pick up stuff for me -- because I live 110 MILES OUT OF TOWN and literally NOBODY in my family have the same last name as I do.

      That WOULD be really cool to have lent a hand to the gaming community as a whole.  That's weird about Sunset Overdrive; but then again, Blizzard is STILL keeping Project Titan under heavy secrecy.  I mean, what kind of MMO could they be building there?  It isn't Warcraft nor StarCraft and I believe they also said not Diablo -- what other series do they have?  Lost Vikings wouldn't make a good MMO really, and though I REALLY love Blackthorne nobody else knows about it anymore so seems incredibly unlikely.

      Oh wait is Fortnite the one where you have to survive by scavenging supplies in a town against other groups of survivors?  Because if so, I remember reading about that one and it sounds AMAZING.

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    • That sucks about Infamous. Fortuneately it's a very good game and should keep you busy for a while. I'm running out of money quickly too lol because I've saved most of it up for games but I believe it will only run me till June or so. 

      About Infamous:It's super fun. I've heard some critics complain that it's generic but since you are constantly getting new powers it doesn't really feel that way. Except there was one part that was like impossible where you had to go against 100 something DUP dudes in a confined space and it's SUPER easy to die. Took me like a half and hour.

      Oh ya that Project Titan. I had to look it up to refresh my memory of it. Maybe it's Starcraft Ghost?! Naah thatll never happen. :(

      I don't think Fortnite was about that but it sounds somewhat oddly familiar. Do you remember where you read about it? I may be able to track it down.

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    • Today will be the day I go grab inFamous.  I need to remember to count all of my games/DVDs too to see if I can't find display stands for them, to get them off of huge stacks covering my floor, haha.  Saw one that holds ~100 or 200 or something for $8 last time I was in town but I've been told I definitely have WAY more than that, like maybe 500. I am not entirely sure that number is accurate at all and definitely better count these.  I would certainly like a little extra space to move around and set up my couch co-op section better, y'know..?

      Generic don't matter to me so long as it is fun.  Storyline is important, as is originality, but not so important that I won't touch it if it isn't grand on both or either of those.  Heck, I played games like MorphX, Two Worlds and Star Trek just for the sheer terribleness of them and enjoyed it, haha.

      StarCraft Ghost would be AMAZING!! ..however I recall them explicitly stating that it is a game not belonging to any of their three flagship series.  It also won't be anything like World of Warcraft as they said they hate making games that are the same as another one they've done in the past.  They like to push the envelope a little.

      I read about that zombie game I am thinking of in a Game Informer magazine, probably a couple of years ago by now.

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    • Thrift Stores are good places to get bookcases. Speaking of them I scored last time I went there getting 5 Xbox and pS2 games for 15 bucks that are worth about 50. It was a suprise because usuallly I find nothing there. Taraaah!

      Oh god Star Trek?! I remember that game was supposed to come out in 2012. JJ Abrams was assigned to it to. And then he left the project and it pretty much fell down the drain. So much potential wasted :(

      Starcraft Ghost could come back. Yes it would have to start back at the drawing board but they never said they cancelled it. Doubt it though.

      I think that might have been Division 9. That was made by Irrational Games and was cancelled cause they couldnt find a publisher. Sucks. It looked freaking amazing.

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    • Well, what I ended up doing was making my own bookshelves, using lumber lying around my family property.  Made it 6ft by 3ft expecting to have plenty of room for extra stuff in the future -- turned out it just barely fits all of what I have now, hahaha... ah well.  Works well though!

      Yeah, it really is too bad about Star Trek.  I loved the Gorns and it was interesting seeing them come back, but that game was terrible.  So terrible in fact I chose to collect achievements in MorphX over it, and MorphX was bloody awful... although the aliens in it were cool.

      I wish StarCraft: Ghost would come back.  Exploring the StarCraft universe first-hand has been a desire of mine for quite some time.  Almost as important to me as seeing the origin races of all the Zerg strains instead of just hearing about them.

      Ahhh that's too bad.  These publishers suck, honestly, we've lost several of the likely best games to be made because nobody would take the risk.  We've lost that zombie game, we've lost American McGee's Oz, the list goes on, I tell ya.

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    • Wouldn't American Mcgee's Goldilocks be cool or is it just me? Totally about that publisher thing. The only publishers that are varying out are the newcomers. 505 Games,Deep Silver, Nordic etc. And even they produce their fair share of shit.

      Fortnites back by the way! Its gonna be in the next GameInformer. They are really bringing titles that have dissapeared back in the news. I bet Insane will be next

      You know JJ Abrams left the Star Trek game a while after it was finished? Not surprising at the least. Seems like noone can do the Star Trek series justice

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    • Oh man, I'D love it.  I am a big fan of American McGee's stuff.  I'm really pretty disappointed about the loss of Alice: Otherworlds as a game (having now become a series of animated shorts instead).  For some reason he can never get his stuff to find a publisher.  Because of it he had to turn Oz into a comic; which is cool and all ofcourse but the RPG would have been cooler.

      I look forward to hearing about Fortnite again!

      It's sad about Star Trek, because it seems to be the best Trek game ever, hahaha... with the solitary exception of maybe Star Trek Online, which I haven't played but some of my good friends really enjoy.

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    • Didn't Bethesda make a shovelware Star Trek strategy game for the PS2 and Wii? Heard that was decent.

      How are you enjoying Second Son? I just finished it. Not as emotionally gratifying as the other inFamous games but still pretty fun. If you havent gotten the third power yet, it's the best. Not gonna spoil what it is though.

      Fortnite is gonna be a PC exclusive which kind of bums me out. Have always been a console guy but my friend convinced me to play League for some reason. It also looks vastly different from the trailer.

      Oh btw whatever happened to that Youtube commentary thing? I can always help!

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    • Bethesda has actually worked on 4 Star Trek games: Star Trek: Conquest, Star Trek: EncountersStar Trek: Legacy, and Star Trek: Tactical Assault Simulation. I don't know if I've played any of them, however.

      To be honest, I actually haven't even opened my PlayStation 4 box yet, let alone started up any games for it. I need to do some cleaning to make some ample room for it and its ventilation needs, but my two days off a week tend to consist of over one full day of sleeping, and that remaining time tends to barely make up for the mess I make each month. So so far, it's been a no-go. Eventually though, I'm sure. :P

      That's unfortunate about Fortnite. I actually used to greatly prefer PC games to any other console type, but because I don't uninstall my games ever and that would lead to no hard drive space ever, I no longer feel that way. Speaking of PC games though, I bought all of the Command & Conquer and Elder Scrolls games again! I am super excited to start playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall as well as The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind again! ...Getting some more challenges completed in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions sounds like the better way to go for now, however, hahaha. I just want those last unlockable costumes!

      YouTube commentary thing is still planned to happen though we have to get the equipment first and foremost, and I think my commentary partner, Charles, is currently too busy chasing tail at the bars. I haven't seen him in a few weeks outside of at his work, hahaha.

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    • Sounds like a tiring job! Oh and btw the Playstation 4 comes with a free month of PSN and a ten dollar gift card so I can add you for a lil bit.

      Did you buy all those Elder Scrolls games through that one Anthology thing that costs 80 bucks? Must look awesome. Doesn't it come in a case that looks like a book or something?

      Glad to see the commentary's still going up. It's good because ive gone from 400 to nearly 700! :)

      It seems like Bethesdas obsessed with Star Trek. A new Star Trek game would be amazing from them. Possibly from Arkane? Dream come true

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    • Oh, trust me, it is a tiring job.  Doesn't help that all the other important employees quit, leaving me to be the one and only person working there who actually knows how the business works.  They brought in a manager from another grocery store our company owns and he realized our system is so different than his he can't do anything.  Everybody else is new and/or from Europe with little working knowledge of the English language. XD

      You know, I don't know how much the boxed set cost.  Found it at Wal*Mart.  I don't think I actually knew when I picked it up, either. :P

      Commentary's still planned, though I have been my free time lately at the hospital.  Got a serious issue right now that I am trying to remedy but doctors in this state are really kind of terrible at their job, usually.  No one knows what it is, yet, or even see anything going on, despite it being obvious.  Annoying and expensive (for the gas money, not the appointments, since I am native and therefore get free healthcare).

      You know, I have never actually played a game Arkane Studios has touched yet... does that make me a terrible person?  (I am voting for "probably".)

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    • Damn. That job sounds harsh. I'm sure better things will come soon though. Life always has little ways to fit things in like that.

      I've never been to Walmart so I don't know if they actually have good deals or not but I remember seeing multple posts on Reddit about one's in the middle of nowhere having like sealed games from 5 years ago. Pretty cool.

      What issue? (If it's ok I ask) Good thing you get free healthcare. Sounds like a lifesaver right there (budumtsh that was a really bad pun)

      Arkane actually havent made that many games actually but believe it or not they actually worked on Half Life 4 for a couple of months. Pretty weird.

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    • Haha, well in my case that is the vast majority of my life story.  In related news, today we got a bunch of our J1s (seasonal European employees), and our new female manager (different than the one listed above) started working today.  I spent today training 3 different people.  Including the new manager.

      Wal*Mart has good prices but you always have to keep in the back of your mind that they get those low, low prices through some really terrible and backhanded techniques.  It is also literally their business plan to set up in small towns to eradicate all small business.  Also, child labor.  Problem with the old sealed games is that their prices never go down and are always still around $40-50. :P

      What I have is pretty serious no matter what it is, but the three current ideas of what it might be are a MERSA staph infection (extremely deadly and contagious), a hernia (incredibly debilitating), or just straight-up cancer.  Of course, nobody at hospitals up here actually know how to do their jobs and so you just kind of get the run-around for sometimes years and nothing ever gets solved.  That's both for the free native health care clinic as well as the one for Joe Everyman.

      I love the Half-Life series, and when I say that, I should indicate that I only ever played Half-Life, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Portal, and Portal 2.  Oh, and as far in Half-Life 2 as they would let you carry the boot at the very beginning of the game (up until you get teleported somewhere).  I actually quit because I couldn't take the boot with me any further haha.

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    • That sounds tiring. If youre doing all that work they should really pay you more. Hopefully youre boss notices.

      True True. I should have stated that when I was talking about it. But Walmart is starting to except used games now so that could change sooner or later.

      That sounds really scary. I remember watching something on 60 Minutes that talks about a  truck that brings free exams to people. Unfortunately its only in West Virginia. Maybe Reddit might be a good place to talk about it. Like you could tell them how youve been feeling and they can maybe figure it out. (but then again I'm not a doctor)

      Isn't that boot thing an achievement?

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    • It's funny you say that -- I actually get paid more than the manager, hahaha.

      Have they?  I've not seen any used games at Wal*Mart up here, but then again I am sort of in the middle of nowhere.

      It's definitely a serious problem, which they have yet to call me back on so far.  I've actually never been on Reddit and don't know really anything about it, or even really what kind of site it is.  Sort of like how I still haven't ever visited >.>

      I've no idea if it is or not.  I've only played Half-Life 2 on PC, when it first came out.

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    • Well thats good! At least they notice your hard work.

      Theyre gonna start introducing the used games in October,I believe.

      Reddit's actually pretty cool and there aren't a lot of dumb people on it because the layout is so crap looking so not that many people stay and try it out. It's definitely gotten better over the years. Basically there's subreddits for different topics and if you make a post on a subreddit that gets upvotes (likes) you get karma that lets you post and comment more and I believe making your posts more popular. It's pretty nifty and it's like they only website that you don't need a bunch of information to register considering the day and age we are in.

      Doesn't Steam have achievements? There's actually an achievement for The Stanely Parable for not playing the game in five years. Will Steam even be around in five years?

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    • Yeah, I make $12 or $13 and my manager makes minimum wage, haha.

      Interesting, I will have to keep an eye on that -- Wal*Mart is one of the only places I get to go when I go to town.  There really isn't a whole heckuva lot in Fairbanks.

      So there's a limit to how much you can comment or post?

      I don't know if Steam was at that level yet when Half-Life 2 first came out.  It was originally just an online server thing for Counterstrike, back in the day.  Steam likely will still be around, it is super popular.  They also just started having game systems made for Steam itself.  I think the Ouya is one of them, but I know the "Steambox" is.

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    • There isn't? Kind of surprising considering its one of the bigger cities in Alaska.

      Yes, If you don't have enough karma. I suppose its just to balance it out.

      Good point. I belive the Ouya is just for Android though. I would think theres a 50\50 chance of Steam still existing in the next 5 years.

      Oh shit. Google just bought Twitch for 1 billion dollars. Now theyre gonna integrate all their other shit products into it.

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    • Oh yes, Fairbanks is our second largest city in the whole state; that being said, its population is only 32,070.  By comparison, Anchorage (our largest city) has a population of 298,610.

      Ah, that makes sense about the karma.

      That's possible, with the Ouya system. I haven't done a lot of research on these new platforms after my cursory curiosity.

      Wait, what's Twitch?  I hate Google.

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    • Wow. That's a huge drop in population. Crazy how one of the biggest states is one of the most densely populated.

      Really? Still doesn't make me wanna buy an Ouya then but sounds cool. To be honest though I kind of feel sorry for the guys that created it. Nothings being released on it anymore.

      Twitch is a now gaming only (after people were posting nudes) livestreaming service. It's been under the spotlight for a couple of years now after companies broadcasted their E3 confrences with it. Google's probably gonna shove all their other products down it, poor Twitch.

      If you hate Google use DuckDuckGo. It's a pain in the ass to set it to your default seasrch engine but it's worth it. After all it doesn't track your search history and sell it like Google does.

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    • I believe you mean sparsely populated. :P

      Fun fact about Alaska: Every time our tide goes out, we gain the landmass of Texas from just our low tide shores!

      The fact that the Ouya might go out of business actually makes me want to buy it, surprisingly enough.  That's pretty much the reason I picked up my Sega Dreamcast, because I found out Sega was going bankrupt.

      Twitch sounds weird.  Also I am always surprised to hear people trying to stop nudes from getting posted places.  This is the Internet, probably 70% of the whole thing is nudity and creepy weirdness, haha.

      I have never heard of DuckDuckGo, although I have used ixQuick for several (maybe 6+?) years, ever since it was first announced on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.  As for Google, it is the damned dirty devil, it is.  I barely even get on Youtube (generally speaking) even anymore (would still post my own videos if I had some to post yet, though), since Google now owns it.  Only reason I ever set up a Google+ account was to allow achievements in Tiny Death Star.  It is, unfortunately, necessary if you want those darn things to unlock.  ...and then I think none of them ever unlocked.

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    • Thats what I meant! That fact sounds crazy!

      But the Ouya was never really prasied as a good console and has had a handful of solid games. At least the Dreamcast was good. Hang on a sec they went bankrupt over that? I thought they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

      Haha good point. But a lot of kids go on Twitch to watch their favorite Youtubers live so maybe thats why but I doubt it.

      Google's owned Youtube since 2005. But I guess youre right how theyve fucked it up even more every single year

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    • Yeah, Texas is nothing.  We Alaskans just wish they would realize it. :P

      It's been a great number of years at this point but I recall the magazine I was reading saying actual bankruptcy.  It's possible however the magazine didn't get it 100% correct though, either.  My Internet is so terrible here (I often have to restart my Internet by physically yanking out and in my thumbdrive net usually 30 times to get a connection that lasts longer than literally 1-10 seconds) I won't even attempt looking it up.

      Ah yes, that is entirely possible.

      Yeah, I really haven't used Youtube for quite some time, but not THAT long.  Before...crud, what was it called?  CISPA?  Google appeared to be one of the good guys.  Immediately afterwards however they revealed their true colors.

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    • Texas has Dallas,Austin, and uhh ya. You have a point.

      Sheesh. I remember hearing that a company was using balloons to get Wi-fi in remote parts of New Zealend. Maybe that could work

      Everybody pitches in for money nowadays. No surprise Google did it.

      Oh apparently Wolfentstein The New Order has an easter egg where you can play the first level of Wolfenstein 3D. Sounds like the best reason to buy the game for me.

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    • Ha, yeah Texas is sooooo cool n' stuuuuuff. lol

      Balloons? That sounds crazy!  I wonder how that works...

      I wish some other company would release a Google Glass item because I don't want to use Google, and it ought to look like a Dragon Ball scouter, anyways.

      Oh man, the Wolfenstein levels in Doom II: Hell on Earth V1.666 (Wolfenstein and Grosse) were some of my favorite levels to play!  I always have the urge to download the modernized version of the song from the Wolfenstein level... it really gets my blood pumpin'!

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    • I think it's made by Google. I know we've been shitting on them lately but they must ahve some talented engineers to code that stuff.

      That would be the best thing ever! Only DBZ fans would get it though..

      Is it on Youtube? Retro music is the best!

      You played any good games lately? Kind of bored currently and not sure to get Transistor or Sportsfriends.

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    • Sorry for not being the most active lately. Finals are hanging me loose

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    • Apparently my message I replied with never went through here... sorry for that.  My Internet where I live kind of really sucks @_@

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    • It's ok. Just double check! Please check my latest blog post for what Im considering to do with this wiki and talk to me about any other ideas we could do to get more viewership.

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    • Man its been a while. I've been extremely busy unfortuneately thanks to school and stuff and comepletely forgot about this. I don't think i'll edit very much anymore if any, but now that I have some freetime I might do a little bit.

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    • Ahh, well that's too bad. I know how being busy is, though. Work takes up most of my time and to be able to work on wikis as much as I do I have wholly sacrificed any aspect of a social life.

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