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Turbo Sliders is a top down 2-D PC racer. 


Players compete against opponents racing around a track in a varying number of laps. There are no special weapons or techniques a racer can perform. There are, however, some shortcuts on various tracks. At the end of each race, players are awarded points based on how they ranked in the race. Bonus points can also be given to a player who makes the fastest lap of the race.


After a player installs the Turbo Sliders software, there are 5 cars to choose from. EasySlider, AntiSlider, Slider, Speeder and Spinner. Each car has their own advantages and disadvantages. Importance is sometimes places on choosing the correct car for a specific race or map.

  • EasySlider: An all-around car. Good handling and good speed. Its main function is the "slide", which is a turn marked with smoke coming from the wheels.
  • AntiSlider: The "cornering" car. Very good handling, but poor speed. It picks up speed dramatically while turning.
  • Slider: Decent speed and very good handling. This car can "slide" the best.
  • Speeder: As its name suggests, it is very fast, although has poor handling.
  • Spinner: More or less, it is a better version of the EasySlider. Its top speed is just slower than the EasySlider but has an acceleration almost as fast as the Speeder. It turns quick but it also slides.