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Warbreeds is a sci-fi strategy game for the PC developed by Red Orb Entertainment in 1998.


The game is set in a far off galaxy where the humanoid race called the Yedda have died out due to famine, disease and civil war, leaving their four former servitor races to fight for supremacy for their planet.


Warbreeds Intro

Warbreeds Intro

Intro cutscene

WarBreeds features skirmishes, a multiplayer mode, and campaigns. WarBreeds has four playable sides, only two of which are playable in campaign mode. As the campaign progresses, another side joins with the player, providing more depth in what they do with their warriors.

WarBreeds provides a different concept on construction of units and buildings as compared with other real time strategy games: WarBreeds allows the player to create many units and structures, but it limits the player on the amount of structures by making them harvest power from spore pods. Although other RTS games use units to gather resources like food, lumber, gold, Vespene gas, et cetera, resources in WarBreeds are harvested by buildings at a constant rate based on the abundance of resources within a certain radius of those buildings. The player is also limited on how many units they can create.

A major gameplay factor in WarBreeds is the ability to collect DNA from dead enemies, thereby gaining their technologies. Players can gain access to alternate tech trees in some other RTS games, but only Warbreeds makes it a constant, crucial part of gameplay.


  • There are 35,000 possible combinations in this game.